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Help keep our youth away from Anabolic Steroids
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Posted: 6/21/2002 2:59pm
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As a company who works every day training athletes both young and old, we have become keenly aware that steroid use; perhaps like never before is reaching epidemic proportions.

As we all know, the sports media has had plenty of stories to tell of professional athletes who participate in illegal steroid use to enhance their performance. Even though steroid use is not glorified, the message that our youth is receiving remains clear: "you have to take steroids to reach the top".

The sports-enhancing aspects of steroid use combined with the cosmetic benefits obtained by kids starving to be "noticed" have led many of our youth down a one way street to disaster.

One of our greatest passions at Peak Body is to do whatever we can to turn our youth away from these deadly hormones. Please join our effort by getting informed by reading our ebook: "STEROIDS…The Plain Truth". You may download this e-book free of any charge or obligation at .

Thank you for your support.

Yours in Health,

Judy L. Miller
Peak Body, Inc.


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