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Supplements (Amino acids)
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Posted: 3/28/2002 2:09pm
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i know what ur talking about and no i don't think u really nead it.i just looked it up and its made from whey protien concentrate and soy protein.unless ur a vegatarian soy protien isn't for u. it has low absorption rate. as long as ur taking protien u'll have all the amnimo acids u need. be sure to get carbs in too. what kind of protien or u taking? whey egg soy? whey has the highest absorptions rates and has a good amino acid high school all u really need is vitamins protiens shakes and maybe creatine. if ur searching for supplements stay away from andro and prohormones. there weak steroids with big side effects. i'm not to knowlegable when it comes to wrestling cause i'm a bodybuilder and want to gain muscle wieght while u want to stay in your wieght class.
hope this helps a little.


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