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Important updates regarding your eteamz membership
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  Nickname: ActiveRob

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Posted: 4/10/2006 11:45am
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  Happy  Important updates regarding your eteamz membership  
This is special announcement. Please click the link at the bottom of this message to provide feedback. Thank you.

Rob Costlow here. I have some very important announcements that affect your eteamz membership. You may know or remember me. Regardless, I'm happy you're part of eteamz. I'm the Online Community Manager here at The Active Network and I've been involved with a long time. You might be thinking too long or perhaps I was in hiding. I was actually doing a lot of Internet research for you. Seeing what's new, what works, what's coming, and looking for direction. I'm proud to be part of a new team, which will directly affect and improve your experience with all our services.

For members of eteamz Web Sites, the following information does not affect current Web site features. That's a different project, which is receiving a lot of attention. We have a lot of great feedback from you over the years.

The information I need to share with you is about coming projects, which will affect your member account and general experience. These projects will be focused around community features, such as message boards, listings (tourneys, camps, events, announcements), tips & drills, articles, groups, your profile, finding players and coaches, etc. We'll also be providing other fun and cool new features.

(drum roll please)

Our mission is to provide you with the best online participatory sports community. A place that improves and organizes your sports experiences and connects you to everything and everyone within the community. Later this year we'll be bringing everyone with active lifestyles together. The individual sports and team sports communities will be one.

We're excited about all the great things to come and we really need your input. We need to know what changes you'd like, new features you'd find useful and fun (especially from our kid members!), and how it might be best presented.

You may be wondering why we're going to make a lot of changes or why it's taken a long time for us to get here. Let's go back to the beginning. We built eteamz around you, our member's wants and needs. We grew very quickly, thanks to people like you. Some people thought we were ahead of our time (in sense of community). Things have changed. You may have noticed all the new functionality and tools around the Web that can make surfing a site, search, or connecting with people much easier. Now is the time and we're ready to make some great leaps forward and continue serving your needs.

Please help us help you. What do you wish for? We'll do our best to make it a reality. Thanks for your support!

Click here to let us know what you need.

All the Best,

Rob Costlow
Online Community Manager
The Active Network, Inc.



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