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Monday, July 11
A Pop Warner Cheerleading Organization


In addition to supporting our football teams, we participate in the Pop Warner Competitive Spirit Program.From 2002 to 2010 teams have successfully competed at the local, state, regional and national levels.

In 2010 ALL of our competitive level Cheer teams earned local titles qualifing them to advance to State Competition. At State Competition, all  teams placed and advanced to Regionals. 


In 2011, continue to CHECK OUT THE "My Site News" to stay updated on Wildcat Cheerleading information & clinics.

Monday, July 11
Cheer Chatter - July 2011


Welcome to the 2011 season of the Webster Wildcats! 

The Webster Wildcats would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new families and welcome back to our returning families!

We have been very busy getting ready for this new season and we are very excited for it to begin!

There are a few things we would like to share with you before the season begins.The season will begin on Monday, August 1st for all Cheer Participants including for our Flag girls.  Practices will be as follows

ALL CHEER PARTICIPANTS – Mon, Tues and Thursday from 6 to 8

This is the schedule for outdoors only. Once school has begun the girls will begin practicing indoors at various schools TBD.

Please be sure the girls are dressed appropriately…..

Gym shorts, t-shirts, socks, sneakers, their hair should be pulled back in a pony tail if it is long enough.

No Jewelry at all.(Please do not get your child’s ears pierced until after cheerleading season is done).

Please be sure the girls each have their own water bottle, and it is filled with something cold.  The girls will be working very hard and we want them to be as cool and comfortable as possible.  If she brings a water bottle with her to practice she is expected to take the water bottle back home with her each night. 

Here are some important dates for you all to mark on your calendars….

FIREMEN'S PARADE JULY 14th, details and invitations have been sent, please check your e-mails and if you do not have one, stay tuned to this website.    

 PARENTS' MEETING JULY 19th, details and announcements have been sent via e-mails.                                                                                              

We are in need of a Fundraising chairperson and committee and a Scholastic chairperson.  If anyone is interested in either one of these positions, please see advise at the parents meeting for more information.  Please consider helping!  It is the strength of our parent volunteers that keep us strong!

This is very important!!!!!!!!!!

All paperwork MUST be in by August 11th.  Please be sure to have all paperwork in by this date.  Your business managers will be letting you all know what you are in need of.  If your child’s paperwork is not in by the 11th your child will have to sit until we receive all her paperwork.

Once again welcome to the new season of Webster Wildcat Cheerleading!  We are looking forward to exciting and fun filled season.  Have a great season and we will see you all soon!


Monday, July 11
Community Service - Be a Part of the Wildcat Tradition...Helping Our Local Community Chest

We are requesting that each girl bring one or more canned goods to opening day practice.  This is a national Pop Warner event, where food is collected and donated to the local community chest.  We use this as a community service event for our children to give to those less fortunate. Thank you for your support and for your generosity!!

Monday, July 11
Perfecting Your Toe Touch

Handout: Perfecting Toe Touches