Facebook Administration

By adding Facebook tools to eteamz, you will be able to communicate with members through the most popular social network. Facebook helps to spread valuable information and keep people coming back to your site. And the best part is, everything you need is already built into eteamz and you can utilize these features whether you have your own Facebook account or not!

If you currently:

have an existing Facebook page

don't have an exisiting Facebook page

your fans subscribe

Allow your eteamz site visitors to like your Facebook fan page right from your site. Visitors to your site can click "Like" to become fans of your Facebook page and receive your updates when they visit Facebook.

Site visitors can still subscribe to your news updates through their Facebook. Site visitors can click "Like" to become fans of your site and will see the updates you post on your eteamz site on their Facebook News Feed.

you post news & updates

Post eteamz updates to your Facebook Wall. Publish your eteamz updates right to your own Facebook page and followers' News Feeds without ever leaving your eteamz site.

Your subscribers see your updates on their Facebook News Feeds when you post your standard eteamz updates. Use this new feature to pull subscribers from their Facebook over to your eteamz site to check out news, photos, updates and more!

integrate Facebook with your eteamz site

Automatically add your Facebook updates to your eteamz site. This feature pulls the posts you make on Facebook over to your eteamz site. No need for technical skills and no need to even log into your website. Every Facebook update you make will display inside a box on your eteamz site. People with or without Facebook can read these updates!

fans spread the word

Allow site visitors to share your news on their Facebook pages with the news item "Like" button. When a site visitor clicks "Like" next to a news item, they can post the news item link to their own Facebook wall for their Facebook friends to see. The post will include a link back to the eteamz site where the news item is posted, ultimately allowing you to further spread your message.

Ready to make social media outreach easy with your eteamz site? Just visit the Communication folder of your admin panel.
Please note that you must have a PLUS account to use this feature. For more information on upgrading to PLUS, visit My Account section of your admin panel.