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SMS/Text Messaging is available to Team level sites (not including team sub-sites under Leagues) that have purchased PLUS. Each Team PLUS site will be able to send 150 messages per month at no extra cost (please note each recipient counts as one message). At the beginning of each month, each Team PLUS account will be replenished with 150 new messages. Unused messages do not roll over to the next month. All Team PLUS site admins will have access to send SMS messages from the eteamz admin tool.

League sites and sub-sites: If you are interested in being able to use this functionality, please let us know via our Feedback forum.

Note: Users must opt in in order to receive text messages from your eteamz site. The first time each unique mobile number receives a message from your eteamz site, an opt in text will be sent prior to your message. The user will have to opt in to receive your message. If they choose not to opt in, they will not receive the message. Opt ins do not count against the 150 messages. You can visit your People folder to see if a member is opted in.

How do I get started?

To get started, begin to collect mobile numbers from your site members. Mobile numbers can be added under People > Contact Info > Mobile.

Visit your Communication>SMS/Text Messages folder to start sending text messages. You can choose from a contact list or enter in 10 digit mobile numbers, separated by a comma or semi colon.

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Can I buy more messages if I run out?

Not at this time. Based on usage over the next few months, eteamz will determine if we will offer additional messages for purchase. Let us know how many messages you'd like to send each month via our Feedback forum:

Please note: We are unable to replenish messages in your account until the first of each month. Please take care when allocating your available messages and when editing text message content.

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Do recipients get charged for text messaging?

Standard text messaging fees apply to recipients both for opt in messages and regular messages. Site members must opt in before they will receive messages from your eteamz site.

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How do I know how many messages I have remaining?

The number remaining will be displayed on the SMS/Text Messages page and will be updated after every message sent.

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How many characters can I use in a single text message?

Each message can be up to 150 characters long.

Can I resend a message that I've already sent?

Yes, all sent messages will be saved on your SMS/Text Messaging page under Sent Messages. Select the message you wish to resend. Once selected you can choose to edit the message and/or add or remove recipients.

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Can I send messages to international numbers?

No, SMS/Text Messaging can only be used for US mobile numbers.

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Additional questions? Please contact eteamz support:

Please send feedback or requests to our Feedback Forum:

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