LeagueOne Import

  1. Sign into LeagueOne Admin
  2. Click the Reporting menu
  3. Click Report Center
  4. Click the Standard Reports tab
  5. Click Team List
  6. Click Run Report
  7. Select Details under the "Summary/Detail" drop-down list
  8. Click the CSV - Download your report in CSV format radio button
  9. Click Run Report
  10. Allow a few moments for the report to generate
  11. Once the report is complete, click Download CSV
  12. Select to Save a copy of the file to your computer in CSV format

After your file is saved...

  1. Sign in to eteamz at www.eteamz.com/login
  2. Go to the Admin section of the site in which you would like to import the members
  3. In the left navigation, click the "People" tab, and the "People" sub-folder within
  4. In the upper right, click "+Import up to 1000 people at once"
  5. In the LeagueOne column, select "Upload my file"
  6. Browse and select the recently saved file from your computer. Click "Upload".
  7. When your file is fully imported, you will receive an email confirming the upload success. Follow the instructions in the email and confirm your import!