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GameChanger is award-winning software for scorekeeping, stat management and live, streaming play-by-play.

How GameChanger works:

  • A team representative sets up the team for free on the GameChanger website, then downloads the free scorekeeper mobile app.
  • During the game, a scorekeeper records all the action on the app's touch-screen: tapping simple menus for balls, strikes and hits, and dragging/dropping defensive players and baserunners.
  • As each play is easily recorded, the app sends live pitch-by-pitch updates to the Internet, allowing parents, grandparents and other fans to follow the action on the web or their mobile phones.
  • Over 140 stats are available instantly online after the game.

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Get a FREE GameChanger account
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Set up your team roster and schedules
On your GameChanger homepage, click the links located under Complete Your Team Setup on the right side of the page. Coming soon... import your info from eteamz!
Copy Scoreboard embed Code
In GameChanger, located under Home>Share a Scoreboard.
Copy the code.
Paste code in eteamz
Paste code into the HTML editor on your Home Page, News pages or a new page.
See the video tutorial for more information.
Download the mobile app
Get the mobile app here and start recording your games!
Questions about the app? Visit GameChanger's FAQs page

  • LIVE scoreboard widgets for your eteamz PLUS site
  • Online roster and schedule management
  • Simple yet powerful scorekeeping app
  • Live streaming play-by-play updates
  • Post game stats spray charts and game stories
  • Easy to use mobile application
  • Many FREE and Premium features
  • Over 140 stats available
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Coming integrated solution.

  • View GameChanger updates in your eteamz stats section
  • Automatic import of your eteamz rosters and schedules to GameChanger

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting integration!