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It's easy to raise funds with these popular, proven fundraisers! Choose from a
variety of bestselling products to take out to the game, sell in the halls or at
your next special event.

Online Fundraiser – Up to 40% Profit
Create a free, personalized fundraising site. We handle products and shipping!

Gift Cards - 40% Profit
Easy-to-handle gift cards redeemable online for cookie dough, magazines and more.

Scratchcards - Up to 90% Profit
Ideal for sports teams with pre-designed sports themes or personalized with your logo.

Restaurant Cards - 50% Profit
Delicious deals on dining out. Redeemable online to thousands of restaurants nationwide.

Cookie Dough - Up to 55% Profit
Delicious, readymade dough that’s so easy to use. Choose tubs or pre-portioned varieties.

Beef Snacks - Up to 50% Profit
Looking for a healthy option? Jack Link's is a leading names in beef jerky snacks.

Chocolate - Up to 60% Profit
Everyone loves popular candy bars like World's Finest Chocolate and Hershey's.

Lollipops - 50% Profit
Fun flavors, bright colors and sports themed shapes. Irresistible at just $0.50 each!

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