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In order to prevent abuse by illegal sites, eteamz has implemented Spam filters that automatically check for Spam upon saving or re-saving of content on Home Page or News items. This Spam filter is implemented exclusively on free (basic) eteamz sites, not on Plus sites.

What is Spam?
The term "Spam" is most widely recognized in the context of electronic messaging or email systems, but it can also be found on websites. Web spam (web pages compromised of advertisements and links to other websites that contain mostly ads) is used by individuals and companies to achieve higher ranking in search engines results as well as a vessel to advertise or sell illegal content. In the most general terms, Spam is unsolicited or "junk" content.

Why is my content being marked as Spam?
Legitimate content in eteamz may be mistakenly identified by our filters as Spam. When this occurs, eteamz automatically uses that content to "train" our filters to accept such content. Overtime, this will ensure fewer false positives.

If your Home Page Welcome Message or News Items have been marked as Spam and you do not believe them to be Spam, you can take any one or more of the following actions:

  • Keep news items and Home Page content short and concise. Enter a new news item rather than continuing to build onto existing ones where possible.
  • Edit the item marked as spam and remove any words that look suspicious (such as movies, free, for sale, prescriptions, etc) then re-save the item.
  • Wait one or two days and re-save the item.
  • If none of the above works, contact eteamz customer support so we can investigate further.
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