Create, order and distribute personalized team merchandise

  • Easy and FREE to set up your store
  • Fundraise for your team
  • Quality, inexpensive team and fan products
  • Online and secure purchasing
  • Brought to you by CafePress

Set up your Team Store. It's FREE and easy!

Set up your store
  • 1 Login to eteamz and go to Gear & Apparel > Custom Team Apparel
  • 2 Click Add a Design to upload your logo
  • 3 Add your logo to t-shirts, sportswear and more
  • 4 View your customized products on your eteamz site, under Gear & Apparel
  • 5 Announce the opening of your Team Store to your eteamz site members!

An easy way to FUNDRAISE for your team, or league, courtesy of CafePress

CafePress will pay you 10% of the sales of custom team apparel on your eteamz site - all you have to do is sign up!

Go to Gear & Apparel > Custom Team Apparel and click Earn Money

CafePress takes the 10% from their own revenue share so your eteamz site members don't have to pay more!

CafePress is available to assist you with your design

Contact CafePress at (800) 243-0165 or