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Please note, the Beta Calendar is not available on sites created after April 17th. eteamz will be adding iCal functionality and other features from the Beta calendar to our existing calendar in the coming months.

The Beta Calendar is a standalone calendar in iCal format, and is separate from the existing eteamz calendar. Games and Practices admin folders are currently tied to the existing eteamz calendar, not the Beta Calendar. New events such as games and practices can be entered directly in the new calendar.

The Beta Calendar is available only on sites using the new customizable templates. To upgrade to the new customizable templates, go to the Site Appearance>Site Templates folder in your eteamz admin and choose a new template; save changes. Refresh the page and click Website Pages to access Tournament Brackets.


The menu name for the calendar defaults to "Beta Calendar" on your eteamz site, but this can be changed in the admin site under My Site Design>Labels (pictured below).

The calendar header color (pictured below) matches the color of your site Toolbar. You can change this in your My Site Design folder, in the Customize section. Click the "Menu" tab and change the Background Color under Toolbar. Please note that changing the header color will also affect the toolbar color throughout your eteamz site.

The calendar background color (pictured below) matches the color of your site's background. You can change this in your My Site Design folder, in the Customize section under Content. Please note that changing the background color will also affect the background color throughout your eteamz site.

How to use the calendar (from your Site Admin)

1. Set up your Beta Calendar to display on your site by going to My Site Design >Page Access on your eteamz admin site. Choose an option other than "Closed" next to Beta Calendar and save the settings by clicking Update Page Access.

2. Add a Calendar. In your site Admin, go to Calendar>Beta Calendar and add a new calendar by clicking New Calendar. Choose a name and color for your calendar and click Save. Add as many calendars as you'd like.

By default, your calendars will be selected to display on your eteamz site. To hide a specific calendar from your eteamz site, click the pencil icon next to the calendar on your admin site, then deselect the checkbox next to "Display events in this calendar on my site".

3. Enter events. Click Add Event, choose a calendar and enter event details. Click Save.

Note: For repeating events, click checkbox next to This is a repeating event and enter details. All sections under Repeating Schedule are required in order to save a repeating event.

4. Edit an event. Click on an event (in any view) to edit the event details. Edits saved to the first occurrence of a repeating event will update all instances of the event. When saving edits to an event following the first event in a recurring series, you can choose whether to save your changes to the single event or to all events in the series. To update just the event you're editing, make changes and click Save. To update all events in the series, click Edit This Series.

5. Change the view. The calendar defaults to month view, but you can view the calendar by Day, Week, or Month by clicking one of those options in the calendar header. You can move forward or backward by month or year by clicking the arrows in the calendar header.

Hide/show calendars by clicking the checkboxes next to the calendar names located below the calendar.


The Import/Export option is located above the calendar on your site Admin.

1. Import events from a CSV or Excel (xls) file - click Import & Export Events; Browse to select a file from your computer. An example of the format can be found by clicking How should I format my file?. Choose a calendar to add the events to and click Save.

2. Export events to Excel (xls) or CSV by clicking Export. A file download popup will display with the options to open or save the file.

3. Export events to iCal format - enter calendar, time zone and date range prior to clicking Export. When the file download popup displays, choose Open to export the events to your computer's default calendar (ie. Outlook, Google, etc) OR choose Save to save the file to your computer.

4. Export via URL in iCal format - choose calendar and time zone; the calendar URL will appear. You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the iCal format. (For example, in Google Calendars, under Other Calendars, click add, then click Add by URL. Enter the URL into the Google popup and click Add Calendar. It may take a few minutes for the calendar to import to Google.)

On your eteamz site

Hover over an event to see a callout with the event details.

Hide/show calendars by clicking the checkboxes next to the calendar names located below the calendar.


Don't see the Beta Calendar on your eteamz site?

Check if your Beta Calendar is set to display on your site by going to My Site Design >Page Access on your eteamz admin site. Make sure the dropdown next to Beta Calendar is saved as anything but "Closed".

Make sure the specific calendar is set to display events on your site. To do this, go to your eteamz admin and click Calendar>Beta Calendar. Click the edit icon on the calendar you are working on. Make sure the checkbox next to "Display events in this calendar on my site" is checked.

Mac and Google Time Zone Issues

If you have a Mac and you are having difficulties with event times in your iCal files, simply go to iCal, Preferences, Advanced, and select the checkbox next to Turn on time zone support.

Mac users can also use the "Do not include Time Zone" option when exporting calendars from eteamz to iCal.

Google Calendar requires that calendars have a time zone associated with them. When exporting to Google from eteamz, be sure to choose a time zone from the drop down list.

Note: To satisfy the needs of all your site members - whether they use Google Calendar, iCal or another calendar, create multiple URLs for the same calendar using different time zone options and send the URLs to your site members.

Feedback and requests

Add your feedback about the Beta Calendar or vote for existing product requests in our Feedback forum:

Please contact eteamz Customer Support with any Beta Calendar issues or questions: