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Congratulations on creating your eteamz website! Our easy, build-it-yourself website templates let teams and leagues connect and communicate quickly and easily - post practice and game schedules on detailed calendars, share team photos and important news, create player stats and much more.

What is PLUS?

Every free eteamz website comes with a free 3-week trial of eteamz PLUS. PLUS allows you to choose from our customizable sports website templates, add additional team web pages, enjoy increased storage space, import/export events, practice & game schedules, and much more!

If you haven't already upgraded to PLUS, you can easily upgrade for as little as $4.50/month. Please visit our Pricing page for more information.

Where Do I Start?

There is no one particular way to begin building your site, but here are some tips and suggestions:

  1. Gather information before you start - collect the contact information for your coaches and players, team or league schedules, and upcoming events including times, dates, and results.
  2. Add a welcome message to your site. Include information about your team or league, its past performance, or its upcoming goals.
  3. Post upcoming events or past activities by displaying them on your homepage, News page and/or Calendar.
  4. Add players and personnel in the People section under Member Access.
  5. Team site types - create your opponent teams in the Teams folder
    Org site types - create your League sites within the Leagues folder
    League site types - create your Team sites within the Teams folder
  6. Organize your team's game and practice schedules in the Games and Practices sections under the Calendar header.
  7. Make your site interesting and useful by adding text, graphics, photos, videos and files to your Home Page or News pages. Add links to other sites, upload and display team or individual photographs. Give credit to those individuals & businesses who contribute their time or money to your organization. Keep your team engaged in the website by regularly drawing attention to updated areas of your website.
  8. The best websites are not created overnight. Take your time - a great website is always being updated to reflect the needs of your organization and your visitors. Delegate manual entry, maintenance and team updates to a team administrator or assistant coach to help lighten your workload. To set up an additional admin user for your site, go to Member Access in the People section.

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Site Customization

Visit the Site Design section to customize your site colors and features, and upload team logos and banners.

Choose from over 75 professionally designed website templates within over 20 sports categories. These templates are the basis for the look and feel of your team's site.

Logos - upload team and/or league logos on the Logos tab. The logo appears at the top left of your website pages, above the menu. The logo is 200x90 pixels and must be a .gif or .jpg file.

Banner - upload a custom team banner on the Banner tab. This banner appears at the top of your website pages. The file must be a .gif or .jpg file. Banners can be up to 800x90 pixels.

Menu - customize your website's menu of site pages on the Menu tab.

Content, Border, General - customize your site's background color, titles, headers, fonts, borders and links on the Content, Border and General tabs. These colors and styles remain in effect throughout your site.

Update your website's hit counter on the General tab. A hit counter indicates the number of visitors, or hits, that your website has received.

NOTE: Sub-site Team and League pages (Org and League sites only) can be given their own color scheme in their respective Admin section.

Gear - assign your team colors on the Gear tab so your team members can purchase customized team apparel!

League/Sponsor - League and Org administrators can set sub-site permissions and customizations on the League/Sponsor tab.

See Customizable Templates FAQs for more information.

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Admin Sections

Click on a link below to access details about a particular section. Not all sections will apply to your site.

My Sites - click My Sites to view all your eteamz sites or to logout of eteamz.

Account - click on the Full details link to update your billing information, edit and change your billing cycle, purchase add-on options such as the advertising feature or storage space.

Support - view our FAQs, ask our community of members for help or advice, or contact an eteamz representative.

Preferences - add or adjust menu alerts for display on your main website menu (choose from New! Updated! or Hot!). Set page transitions, which apply special effects when clicking from page to page on the site. Choose to display a special pop-up announcement, which will display once per session for site visitors (this is great for game/practice changes or other important announcements). Choose to show the time the site was last update.

Ad Option - control advertisements on your team's site by purchasing the Ad Option. You can remove eteamz advertising banners or upload your own ads for display on the site. Use this tool to advertise local sponsors or to sell ad space to sponsors.

Custom Web Address (Custom Domain) - eteamz has partnered with OpenSRS to offer custom domain sites. You can purchase a custom website address directly thorough eteamz in your Account/PLUS section. For more information please see the Registration Terms of Service. After you purchase a domain, it may take 24 hours to take effect.

NOTE: If you purchased a custom web address/domain from eteamz prior to February 2010, and you require assistance regarding your domain, please visit Otherwise, feel free to contact eteamz support.

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Site Design

Customize - see Site Customization section above.

Labels - change the name of any of the original sections that appear in the left margin of your team's website. You can change the singular and plural versions of most titles, as both may be used throughout the site.

Any new pages that you have added within the News section may be renamed within the Website Pages section.

Page Ordering - you may rearrange the order of your site menu links (including news categories). The order will be reflected on your consumer facing site, not on your Admin site.

Page Access - modify who has access to various pages on your consumer facing site.

Web Address - change the address (URL) of your website.

NOTE: Be cautious when changing this address because it is possible for another site to choose your previous URL address. Once chosen by another site, you will not be able to get it back.

Listing - add/edit the site name, demographics, sports, contact information, etc.

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Website Pages

Home Page - enter text and files for your homepage. Type in your desired information and proceed to click the Update Welcome button at the bottom of the page. The information will be uploaded and displayed on your home page.

You can enter as much or as little text as you desire. You will also be able to add images, sounds, videos and handouts directly to this section using the buttons at the bottom of the form.

TIP: Some sites have designed their entire home page by entering all of their information here, while other sites simply type in a basic sentence or paragraph. If you decide to type in and upload only enough text to get you started, the next link in the Admin section, called News may be used to expand the text on your home page.

News - add news articles to your site. You may also create/edit additional categories in this section. These categories will show up as new labels on the main site menu. You will edit all categories within this News section.

When you enter this section, click on the Add My Site News link to add a new item. Decide whether you want this information to be displayed on the Home Page and/or News page by filling in the appropriate circle on the Location line.

Give the news story a title within the Headline text box. If you desire, enter a web address within the Web Address text box (the Headline will then become a link to this web address). Type your text into the Article box and then choose your Display preference. When all of this has been completed, click the Add News button at the bottom of the page. Your information has now been uploaded. After it has successfully uploaded, hit the small "back" button near the top of the News page.

Later, you can come back by clicking on the pencil icon (to the right of a news title when first entering the News section) and enter more text, add images as well as a music or video file. You can continue adding additional news items and decide where they are to be displayed.

NOTE: To add or edit other categories, click the Add/Edit Categories link in the upper right of the main News page.

Add a New Page - create a new page on your team's website. Enter a custom name for the page and select access levels for the pages. PLUS users can create up to 16 new pages on their website!

To add content to your new page, go back to your News folder and select your new title from the dropdown in the upper right of the page. Click on Add My Site News and start customizing.

Handouts - add and display various documents for visitors to view, print, and save to their computer.

Approved file types: .art, .bmp, .class, .csv, .doc, .gif, .html, .htm, .jar, .jpg, .js, .lwp, .mdb, .pdf, .ppt, .psd, .pub, .rtf, .swf, .tif, .txt, .wb3, .wks, .wpd, .wps, .xls, .vac

NOTE: .hyv and .zip files may be uploaded on PLUS sites.

First upload the file, either within the Files area or as you are working on the individual handout page. Fill out the required fields or click the Add Handouts link to start a handout item. After you enter a title and description, click the Add File button to choose from the list of previously uploaded documents, or upload a new document by clicking on the Browse button. When you return to the Add Handout page, click on the Add Handouts button at the bottom of the page to officially add the file. Repeat this process for each file you wish to upload.

TIP: When entering a file name, do not use any of the following special characters ^ ` [ ] { }. The file will not be able to load on your site.

NOTE: You may add previously uploaded handouts within the Home Page and News sections under Web Site Pages.

Links - add web links that are pertinent to your site or that your members may find interesting.

Click the Add Links link to add a new listing. Enter a name for your link, the website URL (such as: ) and upload an image to enhance the link listing if desired. Repeat the process for each additional link. A Links page will display on the main site menu for site visitors.

Sponsors - information for those people or businesses that contributed to your program or deserve special recognition on your website.

Click the Add Sponsors link. Enter the sponsor name, website address (if applicable), contact information and an image to enhance the listing if you desire. You may choose to enter the address using the Address Info button. If you enter a complete address a map link will be listed with the sponsor to give viewers directions. Repeat the process for each additional sponsor.

Guestbook - delete guestbook entries that are inappropriate or outdated.

You may remove guestbook entries one at a time or several at one time by checking the boxes on the left side of each entry. Monitor your guestbook entries often. It is courteous to reply to each person who takes the time to sign your book. If you have a person causing problems, it would be a good idea to ban them as a member of your site. You may ban/remove members within the People, Member Access section.

TIP: If you want to see more entries in your guestbook, surf some other eteamz sites and sign their books. Most people will respond in kind.

Message Boards - create message boards for site members and visitors to post and reply to.

Click Add/Edit Message Boards then click Add Board Category link to add a new board category. On the following form, enter a name and description (optional) for the category. This will create a "section" where you may add as many topic boards for the particular category. Once you create a category, you may enter a topic board by clicking the Add Board link. To switch between board categories (to add or edit the topic boards), use the Select Message Boards drop down (upper right).

Surveys & Polls (eteamz PLUS members only) - create surveys, question forms, or polls to display on your site. This allows you to easily collect fun or important information from your site visitors and members.

To create a survey, click the Add Survey link. On the following page, enter a survey name, choose who you wish to answer the survey (based on your site member type(s) or open it to all), set results and response preferences. Proceed to click the Add/Edit Survey button. The page will refresh and you will see a list of one or more surveys. Click on the Click here to add/edit questions link to add questions to a specific survey. You may add as many as you need.

On the following page, click the Add Survey Question link. The Add/Edit Survey question form will display. Enter your question, choose your question type, and enter choices as necessary. Proceed to click the Add/Edit Survey Question button. Choose to enter more questions, or go to your Home Page or News section to add the survey to the main site. To view survey results, click the image link on the main Surveys & Polls page (to the right of each listed survey).

Tournament Brackets - Use the Tournament Bracket Creator to make your bracket, manage games throughout the tournament, and keep your fans updated. Choose from multiple tournament types including Single & Double Elimination, Round Robin, and Pool Play. Once your bracket is created, you can edit the details of the bracket, preview, publish, print or customize your bracket. See our Tournament Bracket FAQs for more details.

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People - use this section to add or edit people involved with your site. The People section can be compared to an address book. This is where you may search and update member addresses, contact info, etc. This section is very similar to the Members Access section. Although, access levels for each member will not be prominently listed within the People section. You may easily locate Active people using the Select People drop down in the upper right of the page.

NOTE: The Member section is where you may view members requesting access and change member access levels and site settings by clicking the edit icon to the right of a specific name.

Roster - assign players and coaches to their individual teams.

TIP: Although you can enter people individually for each team, it is easier to first build a pool of players & personnel within the Admin People section.

League sites will first need to click on a specific team under the appropriate division

Within the Roster Pool under Person Type, check off the items that describe the members you wish to add to the list. You may also type a member name in the Name text box.

If you already have a pool of players entered, click the Search Pool button when ready to search. This will search your site for members that have previously been entered and/or removed from certain sections (Board, Roster, etc). The members will be displayed in the left window. Click on a specific member you wish to add. The member will be highlighted in dark blue. Enter a number and position (if applicable) and choose type (Coach or Player). Click the Assign to Roster button at the bottom of the form to add the member.

As each player or coach is added, you can click on the edit icon to the far right of their name and edit personal data for each person.

If you are entering a brand new player/coach, they will be invited to the site when you fill out the Add Coach/Add Player form. Invited members will receive an automated email with a temporary username/password. If they are a current eteamz member, they will receive their current account information. Use your good judgment when deciding on personal info to post, especially when it comes to your players. The Site Display Name within the edit form is the name that will appear on the main site.

Board - use this section to list officers of your team or league (President, Treasurer, etc).

This section is set up very similar to the Roster. Again, you can add these board members from the pool (Board Pool) or enter them individually by clicking Add Board. As each person is added, click on the edit icon at the right to post data for each person.

If you are entering a brand new board member, they will be invited to the site when you fill out the Add Board form. Invited members will receive an automated email with a temporary username/password. If they are a current eteamz member, they will receive a general invitation to your site. Use your good judgment when deciding on personal info to post.

Online Registration - access the #1 Online Registration service provided by

Our easy-to-use tools make it a snap for you to set up a registration form and collect fees directly from your eteamz website for camps, tournaments, leagues, teams or any event. You can even sell and collect fees for merchandise! Get started today! For full details, click the Collect Fees section or visit

Member Access - displays website personnel and online viewers who have officially registered with your site. Click the Add People link to add/invite a new person to the site. Anyone you wish to help or be part of your website will need to be added to this area. You need to decide how much admin access, or what "security level" they will receive.

A person's security level can be changed or removed at any time. When inviting a person to the site, you will only be able to assign them a Member or Fan access level. After the person has been invited you may click the edit icon to the right of a member name to update the access level.

NOTE: You can assign a new Head Webmaster or Assistant Webmaster in this section or make updates to an existing Webmaster or Assistant Webmaster. Click the Add People link, or to update an existing person, click the edit icon to the right of a member name. When updating or adding an Assistant Webmaster, you will be presented with various access options for that person.

Access Settings - you can decide how online viewers become official "members" of your website. All members will require your approval. This is for security purposes and it will decrease your chance of running into site violators.

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Teams - add league and non-league teams for scheduling. Your main team is listed in bold on this page. To change the team name, go to Listings and enter a name within the Team Name text box. This will be the name used in scheduling.

Divisions (League Sites only) - enter all of your team or club categories, dividing them by age group, ability level or activity category for your league.

Click the Add Division link to start adding divisions. Enter a division name, sport, levels and a brief description for each level of play if desired. Address and contact information are optional (this information will be displayed only within the Admin for organizational purposes).

Leagues - click on a specific division first. You must have divisions entered before adding teams. Add this info in the Divisions section.

If you have a League site you will have to choose the division for each team you wish to enter. You will have three options of how to add/display a team on the site. See choices below.

1. Site-n-site (PLUS sites only) = this team will have its own website within the main League site. There will be a link to this team site within the Teams menu on your main site. To edit a specific team sub-site, click the Admin Teams section to view the list of teams and proceed to click the sub-site team you wish to edit.

TIP: You may assign a member Team Administrator access to edit a specific team page after you have added a team. Within the Teams section, click the edit icon located to the right of the team name and proceed to click the Team Administrator link near the top of the following Edit Team form.

2. Listing = this team will only be listed for scheduling purposes. It will not have a web site under the main League site. There will be a link for this team on the Teams menu of the main site that takes you to a description page (if you choose to enter information about the team).

3. No Listing = this team will only be listed for scheduling purposes. It will not have a web site under the main League site or a link within the Teams menu of the main site. Therefore, there is no need to enter information about this team besides the name.

As teams are entered and displayed, you can click on the individual team name (within Admin Teams section) to enter the individual team web site (site-n-site teams only). Once within a specific team Admin, you can add info that is pertinent to the particular team.

Org Sites: You may assign a member League Administrator access to edit/manage a specific league after you have added a league. Click on the edit icon located to the right of the league name (within the League section) and click the League Administrator link near the top of the following Edit League form.

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Facebook Admin - By adding Facebook tools to eteamz, you will be able to communicate with members through the most popular social network. Facebook helps to spread valuable information and keep people coming back to your site. And the best part is, everything you need is already built into eteamz and you can utilize these features whether you have your own Facebook account or not!

Our Facebook Admin features allow you to publish your team and league news, scores and schedules to Facebook. See our Social Administration FAQs for more details.

Email Center - Are you ready to be a better communicator? With our new Email Center, you can get your message heard by sending emails to individuals or groups from the Email Lists section. With an included HTML editor, it’s easy to make all communications look professional. Plus, you can create and save drafts as well as scroll through all of your sent emails to see exactly what you've messaged out and when.

Email lists - You can create email lists based on your web site members. This allows you to easily organize member addresses and email via an email application such as Microsoft Outlook. You may create as many lists as you need. Create lists for your coaches, players, parents, etc..

To create a list, click the Add Email List link. On the following page, enter a list name and description. Proceed to click the Add Email List button. On the next page you will see an Email List Pool. Search for people by type to display all or specific groups of members. Highlight each member in the Email List Pool and proceed to click the Assign to List button to officially add to the list. You will see the list of members (along with emails) at top of page. Once everyone is added, click the "Send email to List" link to copy or format the addresses for mailing.

NOTE: If you wish to add all searched members from the Email List Pool at the same time, click on a name within the Pool window and press the "Ctrl" and "a" key on your keyboard. This will highlight all member names. Proceed to click the Assign to List button at the bottom of the form.

MessageCast - Configure groups of your site members, type in messages and deliver them as telephone calls to everyone you choose

To create a MessageCast contact list, click the Add MessageCast Contact List link. On the following page, enter a List Name and optional description. Proceed to click the Add Contact List button. The page will refresh and you will see a pool in the lower left to select members for the list. Search the pool, highlight the people you want to add, and click the Assign to List button at the bottom of the form. The page will reload and you will see the selected people listed at the top. Enter or edit phone numbers listed next to each person. Click the Send MessageCast link to send a message. You will be taken through a few pages to enter your message and delivery time, double check members on the list, preview the cost, and finally prompted to send the message. You may create as many lists as needed and send a message anytime by clicking the phone image next to the appropriate list on the main MessageCast page.

eTracker - (PLUS members only) - invite site members via email and track attendance for games, practices and events.

To create an eTracker, click the Add eTracker link. On the following page, choose an event type (game, practice or event), select an event (based on previously entered games, practices or calendar events), choose an email list (based on previously entered email lists), and choose to add an optional text message. Proceed to click the Add eTracker button. The page will refresh and you will see a list of one or more eTrackers. Click the email image next to the eTracker you wish to send. The email form will display and allow you to send to your previously chosen email list. To view eTracker responses, click the image link next to the eTracker (to the right of the eTracker description).

Contact Support - email eteamz customer support, view FAQs and Support Boards

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Calendar - these events will be displayed on the main site calendar page (if you are editing a sub-site within a League site it will appear on the sub-site calendar). Begin by clicking the Add Event link. Enter the event name, a brief description of the event, and the day & time that the event begins. If you do not know how long the event will last, you do NOT have to enter an ending time. If you do not know the start time, click within the "Time TBA" check box. Enter an event name and as much info regarding the event, location, address, city, and state as needed. You may then opt to display/not display the event on the calendar by filling in the appropriate circle at the bottom of the form. Click the Add Event button when finished. Continue adding calendar events in this manner. To see your event(s) listed online, click the Calendar link on your site homepage and go to the proper month and day. Your event should be displayed on the calendar with the event name underlined (as a link). Click the link to read the specific info about the calendar event. If you have more than one event on the same day, click the date (number) to view the entire day's events.

Games - enter the games for your team or league (if you have a League site, you will first need to click on a division). Click Add Game Schedule and assign a name to the Game Schedule. Click the Add Schedule button. Click the Add Game button. Continue adding games until the entire schedule has been entered. The games will be listed in order of date at the top of the form.

NOTE: You will need to enter locations within in the Admin Locations section to add a game. If you have a League site, that is, a site which can contain multiple sub-site teams, you must fill in the Divisions & Teams info before continuing on in the Schedules area.

TIP: Click the Add/Edit Schedules link (upper right) to add a new game schedule. This feature may be used to separate your game schedules between pre season, regular season and tournaments. For example, you may have a Spring Season and Spring Tournament schedule. You may add as many schedules as necessary.

Scores - enter the final score and recap for each contest as it is completed. If you have a League site you will need to click on a division for which you want to enter a score. Use the edit icon located to the right of a played game to access the scoring form.

NOTE: A few sports (Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer and Netball) have access to enter individual game statistics when entering scores. There will be a PLAYER STATS (Click to add/edit) link next to the team name. Click this link to access the stats form. To enter stats, you must have players entered within the Admin Roster section.

Practices - enter practice times and locations for your team(s). If you have a League site you will need to click on a team for which you want to enter a practice (and proceed to enter the Schedules section within the specific sub-site team admin). Click the Add Practice Schedule link and assign a name to the practice schedule. Click the Add Schedule button. On this form, click Add Practice to enter practice details. You may add as many practice schedules as necessary using the Add/Edit Schedules link in the upper right of the edit form.

Standings - specify how to sort your standings. You have the option of sorting on two statistical columns, or you can choose to sort the teams manually.

Seasons - choose season dates and type. You must have a season entered to begin scheduling.

Click the Add Season link to assign a date, name and type for the season. Click within the Current Season check box and then click the Add Season button. You may add as many seasons as you need. The season checked as Current Season will be the default season on the site and when editing in the Admin. If you need to update content within seasons that are not current, be sure to choose the appropriate season from the Select Season drop down (upper right of the Schedules, Division, Teams, Roster and Board Admin sections).

NOTE: It is best to add a new season each time a new season begins for you. This will allow you to keep all previously entered records as well as separate them from new scheduling content.

Locations - add, edit or delete locations for games and practices.

Add a location by clicking on the Add Locations link. Enter the location name, description, address, and contact info (optional). You will then be able to choose the location when scheduling games and practices. Locations will appear along with scheduled games and practices on the main site (if you enter the full address with zip code, it will appear as a map link and provide directions). You may add as many locations as you need.

The Location section will also be displayed as a separate section on the main site. This will allow members to view and/or print all location information.

Import template requirements (Calendar events, Games and Practices) -

  • Make sure you leave all column headings on the form even if you aren't going to use them.
  • Ensure there are no spaces before or after any of your ID#'s or any of the entries
  • Make sure you are using the correct ID#'s for locations, teams, etc. These can be found when clicking "upload from file."
  • Because commas are used to identify the boundaries of fields, a comma can not be entered as part of a field. In order to add commas to an event description, for instance, you can upload the event without the comma and then use the eteamz admin tools to edit the event and add the comma.
  • Make sure you have all valid email addresses with no spaces within them.

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Files & Photos

Albums - Create photo albums for any team occasion. Customize album covers, drag & drop to rearrange the order of albums on your site and use settings to control team member access.

My Library - contains all images from your site, whether the images were uploaded by an Admin or by a user directly from your consumer facing website.

Copy photos over to albums (on the left side of the albums window) by dragging and dropping them from My Library. Sort your images by Date Uploaded or image Name. Click List View to see the size of your images (file size) and the date added/edited.

Hover over the photos with your mouse to view the various photo options. Click on the Magnifying glass icon to preview photos, add/edit photo titles and captions, or get the link to the original image file. Click on the pencil icon to edit various features of the image. Delete an image by clicking the trashcan icon .

NOTE: Deleting an image from My Library will permanently delete the image from your site, including from any albums you may have copied the image to. To increase storage space for your site, delete images from My Library.

My Albums - contains all albums from your site, whether the albums were uploaded by an Admin or by a user directly from your consumer facing website.

The order of your albums in My Albums is the order they display on your consumer facing site. Drag and drop to change the order of the albums. Click the eye icon to hide the album from your consumer facing website. The icon will change to a closed eye . Click the icon again to show the album on your consumer facing website.

Click the slideshow icon to add a slideshow of the album on your consumer facing site. You can also preview the slideshow or view and copy the embed code.

Add Photos - click to add photos from your computer.

NOTE: Clicking Add Photos from within My Library or My Albums pages will add the uploaded images to your Library only. Clicking Add Photos from within an album will add the uploaded images to the album as well as your Library.

NOTE: You can upload as many images as you would like at one time (so long as your site has enough available storage), but the more images you upload, the longer the upload time. To purchase more storage, please visit your My Account/PLUS section.

Settings - update album settings (upload access, removing the photo gift ad or notifying people when albums are added) or immediately send an email to your site members to notify them of a new album.

Top Level (Org or League) sites will also be able to view and delete images added by sub-sites. These shared images can be viewed in Shared sections and in My Library. Shared images can be used throughout your site and within your albums.

NOTE: If you previously had Shutterfly albums through eteamz, these albums can be viewed by clicking on the View Shutterfly Albums link on the bottom left-hand corner of the albums page.

For more Albums information, please see our Albums FAQs.

Sounds, Videos and Files - upload files in these sections first. Although files may be loaded at other places in your web site, this is the only place where all types of files may be uploaded, so it is probably the best place to do your uploading. As you upload files, a running list will be displayed for each type of file that is uploaded.

TIP: To help you speed up the uploading process, you are allowed to upload up to 15 files at a time. Use the Upload Rows drop down window (lower right corner) to choose how many rows you need.

Accepted file types:

Sounds (.mid, .wav, .mp3)
Videos (.avi, .mov, .mpeg, .mpeg2, .qt, .rm and .wmv)
Files (see the Handouts overview for accepted file types)

All files are uploaded similarly in the following manner:

  1. Click on the Browse button to access files located on your computer.
  2. A small window will display listing your computer files.
  3. Find the appropriate section where the file you wish to upload is stored.
  4. Highlight the file and click the open button.
  5. You will now see the file name listed next to the Browse button on the Upload New File form.
  6. Add an image name in the File Name text box.
  7. Click the Upload button to add the file(s).

Continue this procedure for all of the files that you are uploading. Once the files are uploaded, they will appear in various file lists and may be applied to different pages throughout your site. You may delete any of these files at any time.

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Gear & Apparel

Custom Team Apparel - eteamz has teamed up with CafePress to provide you with a free team store. You have the ability to customize your store, upload custom logos and fundraise. On your site, visitors can choose from available designs or create custom t-shirts, mugs, hats or gym bags with your team's colors and logos.

Trophies & Awards - customize trophies, medals and plaques for your team members, parents, and sponsors.

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Fundraising - set up a fundraising website for your team! On the Fundraising homepage, set your team's fundraising goal. Then, use the tabs on the top of the homepage to set up your campaign, customize your fundraising website, and send fundraising emails.

For more information, click on the FAQs link in the footer of the fundraising pages.

Donations - access the #1 Online Donation service provided by

Our easy-to-use tools make it a snap for you to collect donations directly from your eteamz web site. Whether you’re raising funds for equipment, uniforms, registration fees, travel or a local charity, we can help you reach your goals more quickly and with less effort. For full details, click the Donations section.

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Additional Notes

Backing up your work: If you have a page that contains a lot of information, it is always a good idea to make a back-up copy of your work in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Right-click in the text box on the page of which you are working, choose "select all" and then "copy." Paste it into your word processing program and save it for future reference. This is a good way to replace lost information, especially if you start adding complex HTML code.

File Types: There are many pages on your eteamz site that allow you to add files, such as images (.gif), photos (.jpg), music (.mid, .wav, .mp3), and video (.mov, .avi, .mpg or .qt). Although you can upload these files on the particular page on which you are working, it is probably easier, especially if you have several files, to do your uploading in the Uploads section, which is near the bottom of the menu on the left side of your Admin page. That way, when you go to work on a page, the file that you want to apply to your page is already there, in a scrollable box (drop down window), and all you have to do is add it to the page that you are constructing.

Text files, such as .art, .bmp, .class, .doc, .gif, .html, .htm, .jar, .jpg, .js, .lwp, .mdb, .pdf, .ppt, .psd, .pub, .rtf, .swf, .tif, .txt, .wb3, .wks, .wmp, .wpd, .wps, .xls, .vac, and .zip. must be uploaded within Handouts or the Files and Photos section.

Logging out of eteamz: Click My Sites on left navigation, then Logout

Mac: Mac users must include the file extension of their text file to have it upload properly. Be sure to name your files with the correct extension when uploading.

Saving your work: Be sure to click the Update button on each page after you add changes or make an update. If you forget and leave the page you were working on, use your browser's back button to return to the page. You may need to refresh your browser before changes can be viewed on your consumer facing site.

Sections: Not all sites will have access to all sections listed above. For Org sites, some sections can be viewed within the sub-sites. For League sites, there is no League section. For team sites, there are no Division or League sections.

Webmasters: Org and League head webmasters, be sure you are within a specific sub-site Admin to edit a specific League's (Org Sites) or Team's (League Sites) information. To get to a sub-site Admin, click on the Leagues section (Org Sites) or Teams section (League sites). Only leagues or teams you have previously entered will be listed. See Member Access section under People to change the Head Webmaster or Assistant Webmaster.

View site: If you wish to view the site without logging out of the Admin, use the "Check the site!" link in the lower right of some of the Admin sections.

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