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The eteamz Admin Calendar combines the product integration of the existing eteamz scheduling features with modern design and functionality. The calendar works in conjunction with the existing Events, Games and Practices functionality in eteamz. What used to be the Calendar section of the eteamz admin can now be found under Events. No functionality has been removed; instead we've added an easier, more visual and more efficient way of adding all types of activities.

Existing users who are accustomed to the Events, Practices and Games functionality can continue to use those features without any changes. The new calendar is designed to make data entry faster and more intuitive for those who are used to using a calendar interface to enter activities.

The calendar on your eteamz site has not changed. It still pulls and displays information from events, practices and games entered from your admin tool (whether they are entered in the Calendar or Events/Practices/Games view).

Main calendar categories (Events, Games, Practices) can't be deleted. A calendar underneath the main categories mentioned above is the same as a "Category" under the Events section. In other words, if you enter a calendar under the Calendar view, it will show up under Events as a Category and if you enter a Category under Events it will show up as a calendar under the Calendar view.

Default calendars are displayed for sites that have not yet added Event categories. Default calendars cannot be deleted but you can edit the name of the calendar. To do this, click on the arrow next to the calendar name, enter the new name in the text field and click the edit button to save.

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To access the eteamz Admin Calendar, go to your eteamz admin and click Calendar, then click the Calendar subfolder. From this page, you can add, edit and view activities. You can also import and export events from/to a file so you can share with a Google (or other) calendar.

The Beta Calendar (available to eteamz sites created before April 17th, 2012) will be removed in 2013. Please send us your feedback if there are any features you love about Beta Calendar that you'd like to see on our admin calendar.