Watson: Welcome


  I'm a Chiweenie with an attitude, so dog, don't get rude
You don't wanna test my mood ('cause I might share my food)
I'm a pretty chill dude so your crew best not intrude
 'Cause my brood will straight fued until you need to be rescued.
But I rep the rescues - we the most dog-tastic pets!
I love treats! I bust naps! But I ain't diggin' the vet...
Just respect me, dog - you know this ain't no threat
I recommend not sayin' nothing that you fin' to regret.
Catch me on the flip-side chewin' on some rawhide
I kick it by the bedside in the Carib' or stateside
Just follow my stride - I got skills as a guide
My resume is three words: Puppy Pride Worldwide.
Now all my dogs (fur or hair) - wag your tails in the air
Just wag 'em like Cher (like you just don't care)
All humans! Go insane and pop the champagne
Don't miss the dog train (unless you listen to Chris Gaines...)



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