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6. - Posted July 23, 2011 12:41PM

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Sam Briedis
Director - Hiro Sports Team

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Coach Bouffard
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Coach Bouffard

4. - Posted February 12, 2011 12:19AM
Coach Bouffard
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3. - Posted October 16, 2010 5:44PM
Coach Bay
Watkins Hornets

Watkins Hornets for life

2. - Posted October 16, 2010 5:39PM
Coach Bay
Watkins Honets

This is Alonzo Williams dad he been playing with Coach Lotty in Coach Renix from 75pd to 105pd. He been putting up big numbers at Kipp Key Prep College High in football for the pass two years. Just like to say thank you for teaching my son the love of the game. In yes we both down in Waldorf, White Plane and LaPlata MD talking big trash about how Watkins Honets will beat you. But he have a lil brother that play for St Charles Bears 95pd. Down here they go by how the kid walk I told them thats BS. Because Watkins Honet go by how big is your heart to play that position. Every since we move down here I been trying to get you guys to come in that back yard in leave a beat down on how to play. I do miss watching you guys play miss the practice as well. So come next years if its God will love to set up a game before the season start. Watkins Honets vs St Charles Bears I know Alonzo would love to play in this game if it happen because he making some of these guys look bad playing tackle. So it would be an honor if you guys can come play them next years. I can set it up you can email me or call my cell. Good luck this season me and Alonzo will be checking you guys out this years ok. Tell Brain I`m still waiting on my long sleeve Watkins Honet shirt I never got lol.

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