About the EFL

The Empire Football League is rated as AAA by the American Football Association and Minor League Football News and thus features teams competing at the highest level of competition available in amateur football.
In recent years, the league has consisted of teams from New York State, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Quebec, and Ontario.
Empire Football League Mission:

(a)To provide a football league that fosters and facilitates amateur tackle football training and competitions regionally, nationally, and internationally;
(b)To support the growth of amateur football regionally, nationally, and internationally;
(c)To organize, coordinate, and support football games with other regional, national, and international; football teams and leagues;
(d)To train, educate, and promote football players who desire to play on regional, national, and international football teams;
(e)To publish information which discusses subjects described in (a) through (d) above.

EFL History:

The EFL began operation in 1969. The five original teams were located around the Albany, NY area. Teams from Hudson, Cohoes, Troy, Poughkeepsie, and Hudson Falls took the field the first season with Hudson Fall becoming the first league champion.

The league added three franchises and split into two divisions in for its second year. From that point forward, the Empire Football League flourished. As the league began to gain a reputation for featuring great competition, teams from across the Northeast joined.

In recent years, the league has consisted of teams from New York State, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Quebec, and Ontario.

It is also interesting to note that EFL member Watertown Red & Black are the oldest semi-pro football team in the United States, they are in the NFL Hall of Fame and they are older than the Green Bay Packers. The team started in 1896, played in the World Championship in 1903 and was EFL Champion in 1980 (ranked nationally #2). The Red & Black now play at their own football field which is part of the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Sports Complex.

For years, the EFL has been recognized as one of the top leagues in the world of semi-pro football. With strong franchises and experienced management, the league should continue to provide players and fans with a top notch product for many years to come.

Past EFL Champs

1969 Hudson Falls Greenjackets (no game)

1970 Binghamton Jets (vs Hudson Vikings)

1971 Scranton Eagles (vs Binghamton Jets)

1972 Binghamton Jets (vs Scranton Eagles)

1973 Oneonta Indians (no game)

1974 Glove Cities Colonials

1975 Oneonta Indians (vs Albany Metro Mallers)

1976 Hudson Falls Greenjackets (vs Albany Metro Mallers)

1977 Troy Uncle Sammies (vs Glove Cities Colonials)

1978 Troy Uncle Sammies (vs Hudson Falls Greenjackets)

1979 Albany Metro Mallers (vs Troy Uncle Sammies)

1980 Watertown Red & Black (vs Troy Uncle Sammies)

1981 Binghamton Jets (vs Glens Falls Greenjackets)

1982 Scranton Eagles (vs Glens Falls Greenjackets)

1983 Scranton Eagles (vs Glens Falls Greenjackets)

1984 Scranton Eagles (vs Glens Falls Greenjackets)

1985 Syracuse Express (vs Glens Falls Greenjackets)

1986 Scranton Eagles (vs Syracuse Express)

1987 Scranton Eagles (vs Albany Metro Mallers)

1988 Scranton Eagles (vs Ottawa Bootleggers)

1989 Albany Metro Mallers (vs Scranton Eagles)

1990 Scranton Eagles (vs Albany Metro Mallers)

1991 Scranton Eagles (vs Montreal Voyaguers)

1992 Newburgh Raiders (vs Scranton Eagles)

1993 Newburgh Raiders (vs Scranton Eagles)

1994 Scranton Eagles (vs Newburgh Raiders)

1995 Newburg Raiders (vs Syracuse Storm)

 1996 Newburgh Raiders vs (Columbia County Colts)
1997 Binghamton Jets vs (Capitaland Thunder)
1998 Kingston Panthers vs (Connecticut Cheifs)
1999 Scranton Eagles vs (Kingston Panthers)
2000 Syracuse Vipers vs (Scranton Eagles)
2001 Syracuse Vipers vs ( 
2002 Orange County Bulldogs vs (Glens Falls Greenjackets)
2003 Glens Fall Greenjackets vs (Watertown Red and Black)
2004 Glens Fall Greenjackets (
2005 Albany Metro Mallers (
2006 Albany Metro Mallers vs (Watertown Red and Black)
2007 Vermont Ice Storm vs (Watertown Red and Black)
2008 Quebec Titans vs (Vermont Ice Storm)
2009 Watertown Red and Black vs (Plattsburgh North Stars)
2010  Plattsburgh North Stars vs (Watertown Red and Black)
2011 Albany Mero Mallers (Syracuse Shock)
2012 Monroe County Sting (Plattsburgh North Stars)
2013 Syracuse Shock (Plattsburgh North Stars)
2014 Plattsburgh North Stars (Watertown Red and Black)
2015 Syracuse Strong (Watertown Red and Black)