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Waterford Softball Clinic
When: Saturday, February 15, 2014
Time: 2:15-3:45 (7-9 years old)   4:15-5:45 (10-12 years old)
Where: Waterford High School Field House
The Waterford High School Softball team will be conducting their first clinic of the season for all softball players ages 7-12. The fundamentals of softball will be emphasized: throwing, fielding, hitting, base-running, and pitching. Future clinics will also be scheduled based on interest.
Fee: $15 per player
***Questions? Or if you would like to pre-register, contact Coach Sutman esutman@ct.metrocast.net with the name and age of player.  Pre-registration is not necessary, but it will help us plan for the clinic! Walk-ins are welcome. Thank you…
Waterford Softball T-shirts will be available for purchase until they run out…there will also be an order form for more at the clinic. T-shirts will cost $10.
BUSCETTO SPORTS BATTER UP BASEBALL CAMP  Runs February 17 & 18 for grades 1-8.  Go to the "Clinic and Camps" section of "Handouts & Forms" for registration information.
COAST GUARD ACADEMY BASEBALL CLINIC   Runs March 7-10 for boys ages 10-17. Go to the "Clinic and Camps" section of "Handouts & Forms" for registration information.
Registration forms are available in the Handouts section of the "Handouts & Forms" tab of the website. Save time and fill out before you arrive at registration!
Saturday, January 25, 9-1, CLMS
Sunday, January 26, 9-1, CLMS
Sunday, February 9, 9-1, CLMS
Saturday, February 22, 9-1, CLMS
2014 FEES
9-12 Baseball/Softball -- $110
6-8 Baseball/Softball Minor Leagues -- $75
5-6 Tee-Ball -- $60
Waterford High School will be conducting baseball clinics on 2/1 and 2/15 for 7-12 year olds.  Registration form can be found in the "Handouts & Forms" section of the website under "Clinics."   Fee is $30 and proceeds will be used to benefit the WHS baseball program.
Dear WNLL & WLLS Parents, Coaches, and Players,
As we are sure you are all aware, there are upcoming changes to both Waterford North Little League (WNLL) and Waterford Little League South (WLLS). The WNLL and WLLS board of directors are currently in the process of addressing these changes. We have been forced to react to an unforeseen rule change from Little League Baseball. The new rule pertains to residency eligibility requirements.
The rule is Regulation II of the Residence Eligibility Requirements. A detailed explanation can be found at: http://www.littleleague.org/learn/rules/rulechanges/2014_Rule_Changes/Residence_Eligibility_Requirements_and_Regulation_II.htm
In a nutshell, the rule allows any player a right to register and play in the league where that player attends school. For example, a player resides on Bloomingdale Road in Quaker Hill, CT and attends the Clark Lane Middle School. He or she can now register for WLLS, even though the player lives within the boundaries of WNLL. That player has all the same rights as any player that lives within the current boundaries of WLLS. This includes tournament play (All-Stars).
Our current boards agree that Regulation II could impact both our respective leagues. The potential enrollment of WNLL could diminish by close to 50% and, at the same time, the enrollment of WLLS might increase to levels which could be challenging to facilitate at a single complex. The problem is that 3 of the 4 schools that most children in our leagues attend are located in WLLS’s current boundaries. Any player league age 5-12 attending Great Neck School, Oswegatchie School, or Clark Lane Middle School that played in WNLL could, under Regulation II, register for WLLS. The children league ages 5-12 attending Quaker Hill School would not have the same opportunity.
In an attempt to stay ahead of any problems Regulation II would create, both WNLL and WLLS are requesting a merger from Little League Baseball. A merger committee was created consisting of 5 board members from WNLL and 5 board members from WLLS. The committee is co-chaired by league presidents Greg Bakken and Tim Jerome. We met for the first time on Monday, December 9th to lay the groundwork to merge. We have a goal of Charter Approval for Waterford Little League before the end of February 2014.
At the conclusion of reading this letter, you might have a ton of questions or formed an opinion concerning our direction. On Thursday, January 9th from 7-8pm in the Clark Lane Middle School Cafeteria, we will hold an open forum to update our progress and discuss the proposed merger of WNLL and WLLS. Any player, parent, guardian, or anyone interested is encouraged to attend.
The Board of Directors from both WNLL and WLLS wish everyone a healthy and happy Holiday Season.
Thank You, Tim Jerome and Greg Bakken