Washparkhoops: Welcome

Welcome to Washington Park Basketball Tournament

Welcome to Washington Park Basketball Tournament. New Britain, CT      

CT's best highschool basketball tournament.  Come out and be part of this exciting basketball event.

(who u runnin wit?)


Monday, March 29

2010 Washington Park Basketball Tournament

Connecticut's best high school ballers

Who U Runnin Wit?

Saturday, August 3, 2010

(first game @ 6:00p)

Monday, March 22
Connecticut High School Boys Basketball Top Ten '09-10

The State of Connecticut Top 10 Boy's Basketball

1. BRIDGEPORT CENTRAL (27-1): Previous rating: 1. 

 2. STRATFORD (27-0): Previous: 2.

3. HYDE (27-0): Previous: 3.

4. SHEEHAN (21-6). Previous: not rated.

5. NEW LONDON (25-2): Previous: 4.

6. HILLHOUSE (24-4): Previous: 7.

7. BLOOMFIELD (26-3): Previous: 5.

8. ST. JOSEPH (23-4): Previous: 6

9. SACRED HEART (22-5). Previous: 9.

10. BRISTOL EASTERN (20-4): Previous: not rated.

Friday, September 4
WPBT 2009 Champions

Torrington wins it's first WPBT Championship

Sunday, August 23
Article from the New Britain Herald Friday, August 21

Washington Park basketball league semifinals tonight

Friday, August 21, 2009 10:24 PM EDT

NEW BRITAIN — When Jesse Little and his uncle Mike saw a need for positive summer activities in New Britain, they decided to bring the community’s youth together through one of its most commonly held loves: basketball.

And so the Washington Park event was born. It’s a basketball league for high school kids from throughout the area that plays three times a week during the summer, beginning in July. The event reaches its climax in the next few days, with the semifinals tonight beginning at 7 p.m. and the finals on Tuesday starting at 8 p.m.

"They’re all high school players, the majority of them are from New Britain, but we have some other players as well," co-founder Jesse Little said. "We felt there was a need in the community for something productive for the kids to do in the summer where there’s limited things to do," he said. "If they’re with us, we can monitor them and hopefully teach them things, and they’re not out somewhere else getting into trouble."

Originally the event was held in conjunction with a church league in New Britain, but it eventually expanded due to extreme demand. "So many people came out that we felt like we needed to do more," Little said.

In fact, the league has become so big that the Littles can’t do it all by themselves anymore.  Not that they have to.  "We have a lot of volunteers, people who help us with everything," Little said. "When we started there wasn’t much [to the league], but you have to crawl before you can walk. Now we’re running."

The Littles have run to the point where they can hold the finals at night at Washington Park and draw crowds.
"It’s kind of a tradition, having it under the lights," Little said. "It’s something we try and do every year because it’s so beautiful under the lights. It’s a safe, family affair."  But at the end of the day, this event is all about the players. The league both protects and provides lessons to its players.

"Through sports you can teach so much about life," Little said. "We use basketball as that instrument to get the positve message out."

Thursday, August 13
Washington Park Basketball Tournament Leading Scorers

WPBT Leading Scorers
1. Torrington--Anthony Ireland—22.3
2. Mean Street Express--Darius Watson—21.4
3. J Hardy Imports/Exports—Ricardo Gibson—21.0
4. NWC—Julian Harris—19.0
5. Torrington—Andre French—17.4
6. Runnin’ Rebels—Wyleak Brooks—17.0
7. J Hardy Imports/Exports—Tyler Evans—14.3
8. Blaze Barbershop—Evans St Justice—13.6
9. J Hardy Imports/Exports—Phil Smith—13.3
10. NWC—JC Carr—12.5
11. Torrington—Mike Garrow—12.3
12. CT Ballers—Kyle Smith—11.4
13. CT Finest—Victor Anderson –11.2
14. Warriors—Ishmael Kalilov—11.0
15. Torrington—Malik Gray—11.0

Monday, April 13
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City of New Britain

Tuesday, July 21
Washington Park Basketball Tournament 2009 Teams

CT's Finest--Middletown,CT
CT Ballers--New Britain,CT               
Mean Street Express--New Britain,CT 
NW Catholic--West Hartford,CT
Team Elite--Meriden,CT                     
CT Select--Waterbury,CT                   
J Hardy Imports/Exports--New Britain,CT
Blaze Barbershop--New Britain,CT                 
Runnin' Rebels--,New Britain,CT 


Wednesday, December 31
WPBT 2008 Standings/Top Scorers

WashParkHoops (who u runnin wit?)


Team Player’s Name Points per Game %
 1  Northwest Catholic Julian Harris 22.02.0
 2  Torrington Rush Kevin Poniatuski 17.4
 3  Future Stars Doran Mitchell 17.0
 4  CT Select Marcus James 16.7
 5  NB Canes Evans St Juste 14.0
 6  M’ Town Finest Courtney Simmons 13.8
 7  Hartford Ice Jerome Stewart 13.5
 8  Northwest Catholic Jordan Lewis 13.0
 9  Team Meriden Connor Meehan 12.5
 10  Team Meriden Jerone Belin 12.2
 11  CT Ballers Kevin Smith 12.0
 12  NB Canes Raheem  Mckinley 11.0

Tuesday, August 28
The mayor takes the first shoot of the tournament

2007 WPBT kicks off summer hoops with Mayor of New Britain, CT taking the first shoot.

Mayor Timothy Stewart

Sunday, April 27
Washparkhoops 2008 All-Star game

It's finally gonna happen Dyckman High School All-Stars will travel to New Britain, CT to play washparkhoops August 30, @ 3:00p.m. This will be the first of many games we hope can create a partnership with Dyckman basketball Inc. allowing for players to venture past thier local inhabitants. This is a great day for washparkhoops.

Saturday, April 11
CT State Scoring Leaders

Stepfan Holley Capital Prep 526 22.8
Spencer Noon Farmington 496 22.5
Cody Bayne Bristol Eastern 378 21.0
Andre Drummond Capital Prep 476 20.6
Zack Askew Vinal Tech 425 20.2
Darren Johnson Bloomfield 20 20.0
Hayden Palozej Stafford 456 19.8
Julian Harris Northwest Catholic 489 19.5
Chris Robitaille Canton 468 19.5
Jon Figueroa Cheney Tech 442 19.2
Dom Elliott Platt 134 19.1
Philip Starks Prince Tech 306 19.1
Robert Campbell Greater Hartford Classical 151 18.8
Mick Kelly RHAM 339 18.8
Dave Mahoney Bacon Academy 226 18.8
Darius Watson New Britain 395 18.8
Darrell Highsmith Windham 281 18.7
Max DeLorenzo Berlin 390 18.5
Chase Tarca Plainville 352 18.5
Joe Ives Avon 420 18.2
Jakarri McCalop East Hartford 420 18.2
Tim Quinn Rockville 465 17.8
Deshawn Hamlet Bulkeley 374 17.8
Nick Barron Rocky Hill 338 17.7
Rashad Moore Bloomfield 439 17.5