Warwick Soccer Association: WSA Fall Recreational Program

Monday, May 23

WSA's Fall Recreational program officially begins in August with practices that are organized by the coaches (ie, they decide place, day and time). Generally, older divisions (U12 and U15) begin practice a little earlier in August than younger division teams (U6, U8, U10), which usually begin practicing from the middle to later in the month. This is all contingent on having enough coaches in any division to completely roster our registered players. We always need coaches!

SEASON SCHEDULE: We have traditionally begun playing games after Labor Day weekend, though we may have a few games scheduled prior to then. We go no later than the end of October. Specific schedules have not yet been finalized, but when they are they will be published on the league website and sent to all coaches and coordinators. We also have two particular dates of note: WSA Picture Day and our annual Sponsors Day round-robin tournament (dates determined each season).

GAMES: U6's play on Saturday mornings while U8s and U10s play on Saturdays (mornings and early afternoon) and Sundays (early afternoon) at our Belmont Park fields. U12 and U15 Girls play on Tuesday and Thursday nights while Boys play on Monday and Wednesday nights. U12s play at Mickey Stevens Sports Complex and U15s at Bend Street.

COMPETITION LEVEL: The U10, U8 and U6 divisions are all considered "Instructional", with no score or record being kept. They play Small-Sided Games: 3v3 for U6, 4v4 for U8 and 6v6 for U10. These games are played on small fields with smaller, age-appropriate goals. U12 (8v8) and U15 (11v11) teams play competitive games with scores and records kept.