Warwick Soccer Association: Small-Sided Games

Friday, April 4
Small-sided games

What is a "Small-Sided" Game?


The U.S. Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), governing body of both Soccer Rhode Island and WSA, produced “Why Play Small-Sided Games?”; to answer just that question! They also produced a Power Point Presentation that is both educational and informative for parents as well as our volunteer recreational coaches that may not have a soccer background.

We are often asked by parents “why” in our recreation program our U6 players play 3 v 3, U8 players play 4 v 4, and U10 players play 5 v 5. Here is a story (link to a 3 minute video) done by Sky Sports in England related to that country's debate over small-sided "football" games. They took a 10 year old boy “Jack” and had him first play a 30 minute half in an 11 v 11 (full-sided) scenario, and then play another 30 minute half in the more desired 5 v 5 format. Hang in there for the stats at the end to see for yourself what happens in each scenario. There can be no better explanation for why USYSA, Soccer Rhode Island and WSA, as members of both, play small-sided games!