Warwick Soccer Association: Indoor Soccer

Tuesday, December 10
Indoor Registration Links:

Registration is now open for U6 Indoor Soccer.  Please click the link below to register at Teamwork's for U6 indoor soccer:



Please note: Players in the U8 and older divisions will be paying each facility directly for the cost of indoor.  Coaches will be passing along payment information to each team directly.




Info on Indoor

For those that are not familiar with indoor soccer, there are some differences from recreational soccer.  Competitive indoor is a fast-paced and exciting game played on indoor arenas during the late fall and winter months.  Here are some things that will help you understand and enjoy the indoor season. This is competitive which means there is no guarantee of playing time.  Playing time is based on player ability, player performance in a game and game situations as determined by the coach.  The rules are different.  There are no off-sides and a ball which goes out of bounds (hitting the net or ceiling) results is a change of possession kick for the other team (to be taken within 5 seconds).  The number of players varies from age group to age group.  Substitutions are made on the fly while the game is being played.

There are two sessions, one beginning in late October and the other in mid-January.  Warwick Soccer usually enters U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16 boys and girls teams in the A, B and C divisions.  All players are required to attend a try-out for skill assessment in order to be assigned to an appropriate team division level.  Players who try out are not guaranteed a spot on an indoor team,

Indoor Facilities (Schools)
Notice to Indoor Coaches:

Any coach using a Warwick school facility for indoor practice must use a nerf style ball for their practice. This is a school department requirement that we must follow. Failure to follow this directive may result in loss of practice space for that coach and jeopardize the use of school property in the future for all. Let’s do what we need to do to keep our practice space.