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FREE Online Soccer Player development WEBINARS are available at PlayerDevelopmentRevolution.Org.

Topics include: 10 reasons for small sided games * 10 ways to motivate & raise your players technical level * 10 qualities of a great coach * 10 tips for coaching competitive youth players (9-14 years of age) * 10 topics to improve defending with youth players * 10 topics to improve attacking with youth players * and more!

Soccer Drills!




There are several coaching resources on-line.  Here are just a few:

Coaching Soccer 101

Soccer Specific (free registration)

Jeff Pill's Online Drills

Sam Snow of the US Youth Soccer Association  (Weblog)

Soccer Activities

US Youth Soccer SKILLZ SCHOOL Videos

10 Ready Made Practice Sessions for U6, U8 and U10


Plus, we have a few, age-specific guides in our Handouts section.




Soccer Rhode Island also continually offers age-appropriate coaching classes.

 HERE is the current list of courses.


Understanding the Offsides Rule

Having Trouble understanding--or explaining--the offsides rule? This little animated presentation may be worth your time!

Coaching Tips

Coaches...when you are training your team it is very important that you observe what the players are doing. To do this you must position yourself so that you can see the complete activity...sort of like a flank player shaping up to see the whole field.

It is also very important to be quiet so that you can truly listen to the training session. What are the players saying? What directions are they giving to each other? What players are emerging and developing as leaders?

When you watch and listen, you have a chance to catch the players doing something "right"! Reinforce the "good stuff" and watch your team flourish.