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WSA needs referees for ALL age groups. Anyone 12 years and older can help the Youth Soccer Program and make some money at the same time. Please contact our WSA Referee Coordinator:   

Nancy Jones, (401)633-4020;



For more information referee Visit de Rhode Island State Referee Commitee website

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   All coaches must be approved by WSA’s Board of Directors and obtain proper licensing required by Soccer Rhode Island. If you want to coach please contact Alison O'Leary, Competitive Vice President, (401) 286-6737 gator18_02888@yahoo.com  


   Coaching Resources

WSA Coaching manual coming soon 

FREE Online Soccer Player development WEBINARS are available at PlayerDevelopmentRevolution.Org.

Topics include: 10 reasons for small sided games, 10 ways to motivate & raise your players technical level, 10 qualities of a great coach, 10 tips for coaching competitive youth players (9-14 years of age), 10 topics to improve defending with youth players, 10 topics to improve attacking with youth players * and more!