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WSA needs referees for ALL age groups.Anyone 12 years and older can help the Youth Soccer Program and make some money at the same time. Please contact our WSA Referee Coordinator:

Alison O'leary

(401) 286-6737 gator18_02888@yahoo.com  

For more information referee Visit de Rhode Island State Referee Commitee website


   We are proud to announce that our Executive Vice-President Tom Flanders has been selected   

2015 Rhode Island Youth Super Liga Male Coach of the year! Congratulations Coach Flanders!

Meet our Coaches      

Danny Peixinho 

League President

U16 Girls      



NSCAA Level 5 diploma


Two Super Liga championships


2015 U14 State Cup Champions 







Tom Flanders

2015 Rhode Island Youth Super Liga Male Coach of the year!

League Vice-President

U12 Boys & U14 Girls 

Twenty-three years experience

NSCAA Level 5 and

NSCAA Goalkeeper Level 1 diplomas 

Current Pilgrim head Girls Coach 2013-present;

Warwick Vets Head Girls'  Coach 1996-2012;

Warwick Vets Assistant Girls' Coach 1993-95




Marliot Blanco


U10 Boys &

U8 Girls            


NSCAA Level 5 and NSCAA Goalkeeper Level 1 diplomas.           



Joel Cordeiro

New England Revolution Academy

Warwick Vets Girls'

NSCAA Level 5, NSCAA Level 4 and

NSCAA Director of Coaching Diplomas      



Jason Dupuis

Little Internationals team      

NSCAA Level 5 diploma


David Falk

U11 Girls      

E license, Youth Module 1 and            

New Youth Module license from USSF    




Chris Gauvin     

U12 Boys

Coach for Saint Rocco's School in Johnston for the 4th and 5th grade team.Youth Module Level 1 through USSF and NSCAA Level 5 diploma     




Eric Holland        

U12 Boys

Youth Module Level 1 USSF and

NSCAA Level V diploma







Larry Medeiros


USSF E, Y2 and Futsal1        




Steve Peixinho                               

NSCAA level 5









Gary Pelletier   

U10 Boys

USSF F and YM 8-M

Youth Module 1 & 2


Bill Walsh

U10 Boys 

Youth Module




Orlando Zarone      

U9 Boys 

Park View Middle School Coach Youth module level 2 & E.                




More WSA Coaches:  Kristen Bachelor, Marliot Blanco, Scott Bowden, Mike Brommage, Tommy Couto, Tony Figueiredo (U14 Boys), Nick Izzi (U12 Girls), Dorian Osmani, and Rob Schmit (U12 Girls & U14 Boys)      


All coaches must be approved by WSA’s Board of Directors and obtain proper licensing required by Soccer Rhode Island.


If you want to coach please contact Sheri Coates, Competitive Vice President, (401) 996-1418 wsashericoates@gmail.com



Coaching Resources   


FREE Online Soccer Player development WEBINARS are available at PlayerDevelopmentRevolution.Org.

Topics include: 10 reasons for small sided games, 10 ways to motivate & raise your players technical level, 10 qualities of a great coach, 10 tips for coaching competitive youth players (9-14 years of age), 10 topics to improve defending with youth players, 10 topics to improve attacking with youth players * and more!