Warwick Little League: Welcome

Monday, April 14
Welcome to Warwick Little League!


*The 2014 WLL Online Merchandise Store is OPEN for the last time this SEASON! Click on "Online Store" for access until April 17th.*

Congratulations to our Raffle Drawing Winners. Please contact Kevin Lamson at Warwick.Treasurer@yahoo.com to claim your prize. Thank you for the participation in the only mandatory fundraiser for WLL!!

  • Amy Fiore (sold by Dante Diluzio)
  • Lamar Weaver (sold by Joshua Weaver)
  • *Angela Miller (sold by Jason Smith)
  • Lynn Frederiksen (sold by Jason Smith)
  • Gary Barry (sold by Isaiah Bracken)
  • Karin Paxson (sold by Trevor Evans) 
  • The players who won the drawing were: *Aiden Mcintyre & TBA. 
*An incorrectly winner was posted previously. Aiden Mcintyre won the player drawning and did not sell a winning raffle ticket. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Monday, April 14
Pitch Hit and Run!

2014 Major League Baseball

Pitch, Hit & Run


Sunday, April 27th

Where: Wilbur Complex Baseball Fields

Participants: Any boy or girl between the ages of (7-14) involved in Warwick Little League

Registration starts at 2:30 p.m. – you can still register until the start of their event!

Approximate Starting Times:

3:00 p.m. Ages (7-8); 3:20 p.m. Ages (9-10); 3:40 p.m. Ages (11-12); 4:00 p.m. Ages (13-14)

 Rain Date: No Rain Date is scheduled at this time

 No Metal Spiked shoes

Anyone with questions about rules, registration or other conflicts should contact

Steve Fink at (940-3738) or sfink@dejazzd.com

 The entry Form and Release of Liability form should be returned to your head coach by April 23rd or drop in the mail slot at the Wilbur field merchandise stand by April 26th. You can sign up at the event too, but advance registration is preferred! Click on EVENTS below to access the form, or go to: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/kids/phr_participant_registration_form.jsp fill out the form, PRINT it and bring it along!


The winners from the local event will participate in the sectional round; which has not been determined as of now.

 Levels of advancement: Sectional, Team (at a Phillies game) and National (at the MLB All-Star Game)


The event will be run by the Warwick Little League.

If you’re a Warwick Little League Player, no copy of your birth certificate

is needed unless you advance to the sectional round.

(No original birth certificates should be handed into your coach)


Ages 7/8 – Born between July 18, 2005 and July 17, 2007

Ages 9/10 - Born between July 18, 2003 and July 17, 2005

Ages 11/12 – Born between July 18, 2001 and July 17, 2003

Ages 13/14 – Born between July 18, 1999 and July 17, 2001 

Handout: Events

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