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18U - June 21 2015
Warriors 18U Virginia Beach USSSA States 1st Place - June 21, 2015
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Fall '15 12U Fastpitch Tryouts! 

Sunday August 2nd at 1 PM,  Tuesday August 4th at 6 pm, & Thursday August 6th at 6. All tryouts will be held at Deep Creek High School (2809 Forehand Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23323 or alternate entrance 2900 Margaret Booker Drive) .  For information email us at HRWarriors03@gmail.com.


Fall '15 14U Tryouts

  Tuesday August 4th at 6 pm & August 6th at 6 pm.  Alternate date to be announced.  All tryouts will be held at Deep Creek High School (2809 Forehand Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23323 or alternate entrance 2900 Margaret Booker Dr)

For information emial at HRWarriors02@yahoo.com.


Fall '15 16U Tryouts

August 4th and 6th at 6 PM.  August 8th and 9th at 2 PM.  All tryouts will be held at Deep Creek High School (2809 Forehand Drive or alt. entrance 2900 Margaret Booker Dr. Chesapeake, VA 23323) For more information, call 757-482-7108 or email coachmike750@yahoo.com.  

Fall '15 18U Tryouts


August 3rd and 5th at 6pm, August 11th at 6 PM and 13th if needed by appointment. All tryouts will be held at Deep Creek High School (2809 Forehand Drive or alt. entrance of 2900 Margaret Booker Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23323).  The 18U Warriors are for serious candidates who desire to showcase their abilities for the college level.  For more  information, call 757-237-7507 or email at khand1123@yahoo.com


Who are the Warriors? 

The Hampton Roads Warriors are a  private non-profit organization dedicated to girls fastpitch softball and boys baseball.    We are small non-bingo organization looking to remain exclusive to our coaches and players.   With more resources than most larger organizations, we have the ability to dedicate more time to our teams and their players.  With several fields and a 5,000 square foot turf indoor facility we are able to provide our teams with much more flexibility and resources compared to other monopoly organizations at the fraction of cost and time.  Coaches, teams and players have more access to inhouse, private and college level instruction.   


Why we are not BINGO? 

We decided to not participate in bingo as a fundraiser for numerouse reasons.  One, most bingo organizations rely on feeder teams (10-14U) to work bingo, raise money, and pay for older showcase teams.  The more 12U teams they have, the more money they have to fly out to Las Vegas. We don't believe that a 10U team should make thousands of dollars and only be able to use a small percentage of the spoils.  Most 10-14U teams can fund themselves for a year on less than 4 bingo sessions a year. Two, often I ask coaches from other organizations why they were not participating in certain tournaments.  I commonly hear that it was because the tournament fell on a BINGO weekend.   Third, younger teams are commonly lured in to BINGO organizations because the organization makes promises of your daughter receiving a college scholarship.  That simple isn't the norm.  The showcase teams travel to the west coast on the bingo money earned by a 10U team.  The bingo money you helped earn has little chance of helping your 10 year old receive a full ride to a major university.  We often hear from parents that in the beginning they were told to work one session a month and before long they are working two a month to cover for a showcase team .   Fourth, bingo does not gaurentee anyone a scholarship.   The average 10U player does not continue on playing past the 16U level.  Five, if you are working BINGO, why is there still a buy-in at the beginning of each season?  Six, it simply stinks!  Have you ever smelled like BINGO hours after BINGO?

Choose your team wisely.  Observe a practice before tryouts to see if the coach is dedicating your money to your softball education. 

  ATTENITON COACHES: At this time, we are open to expanding to one more team, girls or boys, at any age group.   If you are interested in having more flexibility, more resources, and freedom to manage your own team , please feel free to contact us at 757-237-7507. 

* As an organization policy, our coaches do not engage in player recruitment on the field or by phone* 


11-/15-16: 18U Warriors go  4-2 at WFC early signing showcase in Myrtle Beach!  4-0 on Saturday and two very close contests on Sunday.  Way to go playing up to 18U level this season.

Congrats to Warrior teams go 7-1 at Fall Nationals 11/01 Va Beach

18U 3-0, 16U 2-0,  & 11U 2-1 

Congrats to 18U Maci K. and Kyla B. for "ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM" at USSSA Showcase Cary, NC (10/11-12)


  A WARRIOR is defined as:

"A person who shows great vigor, courage, and agressiveness, as in athletics"


The Warriors practice on four different fields located in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.  Our 5,000 sq ft indoor practice facility is located in Hickory section of Chesapeake.   

For High School Age College Showcase Fastpitch team information, please contact:  Kevin Hand (757) 237-7507  khand1123@yahoo.com

For 16U Fastpitch information, please contact Mike Johnson (757) 482-7108

For 14U Fastpitch information, call 757-718-3456 or email HRWarriors02@yahoo.com

For 12U Fastpitch information, please email HRWarriors03@gmail.com or call 252-506-2359

For 10U Baseball team information, please contact:  Dale Holden  (757) 639-9913