ETU Warriors Elite: Welcome

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The ETU Warriors Elite is a very unique 8th grade AAU team.  Unlike many AAU teams which have become factories, with players shipped in for tournaments, kids and families moving in and out like a revolving door, the ETU Warriors Elite have been carefully constructed over several years and consist of young men - class of 2016 (with one exception in the class of 2017) and associated families that hold the following values: hard work, continuous drive for improvement, respect and appreciation for all, and an intense desire to win.  We recognize that while these values are important in becoming a complete basketball player, they are also values that transcend basketball and translate directly into life.  The commitment each family makes to be a part of the Warriors family is significant, so in addition to setting and achieving team goals, our coaches work hard to push each individual to be the best they can be. 

In addition to on the court performance, we realize the same effort is required by our players in the classroom.  To this end a number of our players are designated as honor roll students and all have improved in their classroom performance since joining the Warriors.