Boston Warrior AAU Boy's Basketball: Boston Warriors West Division

Boston Warriors West Division

The Boston Warriors are excited to announce a major power shift on the AAU front west of Boston. The Boston Warriors have officially expanded west to Sudbury and the surrounding area.


If you are in any of these areas the doors have been opened for you to join one of the strongest and longtime established AAU programs in New England.


Our mission statement is to teach players lifelong lessons through basketball. Show up EARLY, stress a high level of fundamentals, team play, playing hard at 100% of the time and never get out worked!


The West Division of The Boston Warriors will be run by Brewster Cupid. He serves as the Basketball and Football Director at the Fieldhouse Sudbury. Prior to this announcement, he served as the Director of the Fieldhouse Sting Boys Basketball Program.  He remains as the Director of the Sting Elite AAU Girls Basketball Club.

We look forward to working with Brewster and building the brand west of Boston!

Any questions concerning Boston Warriors West can be directed to Brewster Cupid at