Warren County Youth Baseball Softball Assoc. (Warren, PA): T-Ball Division (age 5-6)

T-ball Contact

Tball Division Manager:  Scott Lynds  (scott.r.lynds@skf.com

Start Date for t-ball and training

Practice:  T-ball practice begins April 22nd        

Games:  T-ball games start May 13th and week of June 17th 

Misc T-ball Info
2019 T-ball: (age 5 & 6)  $50/child
2019 girls ( considered LL age 5 & 6) - born Jan 1, 2012 - Dec 31, 2013
2019 boys (considered LL age 5 & 6) - born Sept 1, 2012 - Aug 31, 2014

T-ball rules
Handout: Tee-Ball Rules

Saturday, January 27
Challenger Divisions (Part of Tee Ball and Training)

The Little League Challenger Program is Little League’s adaptive baseball program for individuals with physical and intellectual challenges.

 Any individual with a physical or intellectual challenge may participate. If an individual can participate in the traditional Little League Baseball or Softball program with reasonable accommodations they should do so. The Little League Challenger Division accommodates players ages 4-18, or up to age 22 if still enrolled in school. The Senior League Challenger Division accommodates players ages 15 and above (no maximum age).