Western Howard County Warhawks: Fees

Fall Tackle Football Fees

 Below is the cost to play Warhawks Tackle football in 2018:

Regular Registration  



Each player is required to supply the following equipment in order to play football.

  • Mouth piece (to include one spare), must include tether to attach to face guard
  • Athletic supporter with protective cup
  • Socks (black)
  • If you have a custom mouth guard (made by a dentist), it must attach to helmet face guard
  • Cleats (no metal spikes)
  • optional integrated football pants (black)

 Players will be issued the following equipment:

  • Helmet with face mask
  • Shoulder pads
  • Game & Practice Jersey
  • pants (if needed).  Recommend purchasing integrated football pants (pads are integrated)

Football is a team sport and requires conditioning and practice to learn offensive and defensive strategies and become familiar with the coaching staff and the fellow players.  Teams are formed by the coaches and the Director of Football Operations, not by what section you registered your child in or how early you registered your child.  Coaches will be evaluating players until just before rosters are certified (mid-August).  Teams are formed based on player’s age, weight, skill, conditioning, experience, teamwork, and the overall needs of the program.   Players may be moved to another team or age level at any time during this evaluation period based upon any of these conditions. 


Placement on a team last year does not guarantee the same coach or placement the following year. 

Fall Cheer Fees

Below is the cost Cheer for the Warhawks in 2018:

    Regular Registration  


Refund Policy: 
This policy is strictly enforced.
A $29 administrative fee will deducted from refund request made prior to July 15th, 2018. 

A 50% administrative fee will be deducted from refund request made July 15th - August 17th, 2018.

No refunds after August 16th!