Western Howard County Warhawks: Coaches and Team Admins

 ***NEW NEW NEW***



In an effort to better serve our volunteer coaches, Howard County Recreation and Parks is using a new volunteer website. All Fall 2017 program volunteers must use the new website.


Benefits of the new system to you as a Coach or Team Administrator:


·         You will fill out your profile one time and then update your information as needed each year;

·         You will control attaching your own course certificates and headshot;

·         You can self-monitor  what requirements are still needed;

·         Your certificates remain on the website for future years as well as, for you to access for other purposes;

·         You can view your  badge expiration date to determine when you will need to renew.



Go to the new Howard County Volunteer website using the URL: www.hocovolunteer.org


As first time users, select the  “Coaches and Administrators Registry”  Hot Opportunity on the front page.  Once selected, the Coaching Registry requirements will be displayed. Click the blue “Sign Up” button.


You will be asked to create an account with a User ID and password.  Note: Email addresses do work as User IDs and may be the easiest for you to remember. Record your password in a safe place as it will be your password each time you enter the system.


Accept the Terms of Agreement which will allow you to complete an application.


Complete your application.  If you need an ASEP code to take the Coaching Essentials Course, you can request one in the system.  Within 48-72 hours of attaching an ASEP certificate in the system, a background review link will be sent to you by Hire Right.  


If you do not have all of your required attachments, you can continue your profile at a later time by logging out and returning in the future to “My Dashboard” and then “Edit My Profile”.


After you have created your profile, the second step is to search for the specific program you are interested in coaching with.  For example, Coaching WHC Warhawks Fall 2017.   You can use key word searches (Warhawks or football) or you can go to Departments/Recreation and Parks/Coaching which will display a list all of the Coaching Opportunities. Once you find your Coaching Opportunity, use the “Sign Up” button which will let the program coordinator know you are interested in being a volunteer coach.  Remember that the placement as a coach in any program will not be approved until such time that you have completed all requirements of the Coaches and Administrators Registry.


Coaches who have a badge issued in 2016:

Please follow the instructions above to create your account and sign up for the Coaches Registry AND your specific Coaching Opportunity (i.e. Warhawks).   Be sure to indicate you are a returning coach on your application and attach a current headshot.  If you have had a Coaching Badge in the past 18 months, we will be able to access many of those certificates and attach them for you.  If you have them in your own hard drive, in the interest of time, please attach the certificates yourself.


All Coaches: 

Becoming a volunteer coach is three-step process:

1.       Sign up for the Coaches and Administrators Registry Opportunity and complete each of the requirements identified. 

2.      Sign up for the specific program you would like to coach this season (i.e. WHC Warhawks).

3.    Coaches must also complete Level I Tackle Course (new coaches) or Tackle Recertification Course (returning coaches) found at www.usafootball.com.  We have a limited number of "promotional codes" that cover the membership cost.  Email whcwarhawks@gmail.com to obtain the code. 

In future years, your Coaches and Administrators Registry Opportunity will only need to be renewed with a new background check and issuance of a new coaching card. All of your information and attachments will carry over to subsequent years.