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Warhawks & Heads Up football program

The Western Howard County Warhawks Youth Football and Cheer is committed to ensuring a positive youth football experience and advancing player safety this fall by providing league-wide coaching education and teaching resources that benefit players, parents and coaches through USA Football’s Heads Up Football program.

USA Football is the official youth development partner of the NFL and its 32 teams.  Western Howard County Warhawks Youth Football and Cheer is comprised of more than 400 players and over 100 coaches.   Western Howard County Warhawks Youth Football coaches will be trained in Heads Up Football techniques before leading their teams this season. All Warhawk head coaches and assistant coaches will complete USA Football’s accredited Level 1 Coach Certification Course, which includes Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concussion recognition and response protocols; proper helmet and shoulder pad fitting; and Heads Up Tackling techniques, which aim to take the head out of the line of contact.

Through Heads Up Football, a Player Safety Coach/Player Safety Coach is trained by USA Football to implement, evaluate and monitor all Heads Up Football player safety protocols within the organization. Player Safety Coach works with league commissioners, coaches, parents and players throughout the season to provide on-site clinics and mentoring to ensure that coaching and player safety best practices are used.  

Heads Up Football promotes a safer, better game.


Helpful information

Summer Vacations - We highly recommend that parents ensure that players take vacation(s) before the first day of practice (Aug. 2nd) so that they get the full benefit of the August training evaluations.  

Medical Forms:

If your child does not have his/her medical form (see handouts link to the right side of page) they will not be allowed to practice on the field until that is completed.  But you should still bring them to practice to observe the drills and plays; and meet their coaches. Once the forms are completed, bring them to the Volunteer table so that your child can be cleared to participate. Any Questions regarding medical forms contact Ray Hall arhall@howardcountymd.gov
410-313-1689 (office),  410-313-4646(fax).


Maryland State ID's 

All our football players and cheerleaders are required to have a state-issued ID.  This is collected at the beginning of the season and used to verify/confirm the ages of the players and cheerleaders for games and competition.  The Team Admins usually hold on to the IDs and return them to parents after the season has ended. If you already have an ID, please make sure it has not expired.  If you do not have one please plan to go to the MVA to get one.  Please note they mail the IDs now vs. receiving it the same day at the MVA so please give yourself enough time. Attached is the link to the location of the form and additional information:


Maryland Identification Card Information  (*form link)

To get an ID card you'll need to visit a MVA with 2 forms of identification and the child (for the photo) to the MVA. Make sure you allot plenty of time to have the card mailed to you. Roster's cannot be certified without a child's ID. 

If customer is a dependent child who is accompanied by a parent/guardian, the parent/guardian must present valid identification, proof of relationship and proof of dependency.
Make sure that you visit the MVA website before going to ensure you have the correct required documentation. The fee for NEW ID's is $25.00 
MVA Customer Service Center: 1-800-950-1682 

ALL players are required to have a State ID or a Mid Maryland ID for Roster certification. Your child cannot play without an ID.   


Volunteers make the program

We are always in need of volunteers willing to help get ready before the season begins. 
We need many parent volunteers if we are to have special events (not recognized by Howard County or Mid-Maryland football) such as homecoming, end of year celebration, jamborees. If you are willing to help, please contact Ray Hall at arhall@howardcountymd.gov.