Western Howard County Warhawks: Welcome

Maryland Food Bank Charitable Event  - August 7th - September 30th, 2017 

Within Maryland alone, one in nine people experience hunger each year. Hunger does not take a vacation. The Maryland Food Bank distributes more than 112,000 meals per day, which equates to 41 million meals a year. We, the Warhawks, have an opportunity to “donate” and make a significant “impact” in the lives of those in need through this program.  Please consider making a donation online and help feed those in need! Thank you for participating! 

Link:  https://fooddrive.mdfoodbank.org/warhawks 

    Below is the new age and weight criteria for the 2017 MMYFCL season: 



Max. Unrestricted Weight

Red Stripe Players (must play between the tackles)

RP5305.101:  Pitbull                5-6                                               85 lbs                                     Unlimited 

RP5305.102: 8U                       6-8                                               95 lbs.                                    Unlimited

RP5305.103: 9U          7-9                                              110 lbs.                                     Unlimited

RP5305.104: 10U                   8-10                                             120 lbs.                                     Unlimited

RP5305.105: 11U                   9-11                                              135 lbs.                                    Unlimited

RP5305.106: 12U                  10-12                                            155 lbs.                                     Unlimited

RP5305.107: 14U                  12-14                                            175 lbs.                                     Unlimited
Go Warhawks!!!