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Wednesday, May 28
2014 Pledge Form
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Wednesday, May 28
Row For The Cure Poughkeepsie Website for Information

Thursday, September 19
CBS 2 Komen Special Highlights Poughkeepsie Row for the Cure September 7, 2013

CBS New York has posted the Race for the Cure Special from Saturday night on their web site.

The segment that includes the "other fundraising events" for Komen Greater NYC starts 4:35 into Part I of the show and the Poughkeepsie Row for the Cure segment starts at around 5:40 into the show.  I created Tiny URLs that will redirect to the CBS New York web site.

We tried to emphasize that this regatta is the result not only of the hard work of the students and parents of Wappingers Crew Club, but also all of the other clubs that attend the regatta and volunteer throughout the day.  They cut the part of the interview where Debbie actually says this and focused more on the mother/daughter aspect of the regatta.  They did put in the words "...has now turned into a community affair..." as a small way to reflect this.

Thank you all for your support of the Row for the Cure.

Komen Race for the Cure 2013 Special - Part I

If you are interested, here are the URLs for the other parts of the show:

Komen Race for the Cure 2013 Special - Part II

Komen Race for the Cure 2013 Special - Part III

Komen Race for the Cure 2013 Special - Entire Show

Bill Rooney
Regatta Director - Poughkeepsie Row for the Cure

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Tuesday, March 19
2012 Row For The Cure

See link below for a Great write up on Row for the Cure.



**Row For The Cure Sunday June 3, 2012** Click here for Results

A check for $10,073.00 was sent to Susan G. Koman Foundation


Thursday, August 9
Thank you! We raised $10,073 for the cure!