Wappingers Crew Club: 2014 Practice Schedule

Friday, February 21
2014 Practice Schedule

Tuesday, December 3
Review of December 2nd Rower Meeting

Review of December 2 Rowers Meeting

If you are a varsity rower and not involved in a winter sport HRRA has winter training, which would be beneficial to you for the start of the 2014 season.  If you are not doing HRRA winter training use the Self Monitoring schedule
to get you ready for the season.

If you are a novice and are not involved in a winter sport use the attached Self Monitoring schedule
to track your winter work outs.

The Code of Behavior was

Current fundraiser information

Lastly, do to work schedule change, Coach Kevin Piotti will not be return
to coach WCC this season.

Friday, January 20
Directions to HRRA Boathouse

 HRRA Boathouse
Going north on Rt. 9 into Poughkeepsie, get off on Main Street.  Turn left at bottom of the ramp.  Turn right on Water Street, in front of Riverstation Resturatant.  Go past the Children’s Museum.  Continue up where it’s looking like you don’t want to go.  Continue along by the railroad tracks, go down the hill, through the fence past the Vassar College boat house.  Make the U turn and go past the NEW HRRA BOAT HOUSE. 

Carpools drop off on the south side of the building.  Rowers driving up park in the gravel lot.  Park as close as you can get.  

*** DO NOT stop, park or slow down in front of the Vassar boat house ***


  720 North Water St.
    Poughkeepsie, New York