Wappingers Crew Club: History of Rowing on Hudson

Wednesday, September 28
"A History of Rowing on the Hudson" Film Screening

From Bill Washburn ~ Mid Hudson Rowing 

 I wanted to let you know about a free screening of our documentary film, "A History of Rowing on the Hudson". The screening will take place on Saturday, October 1, at 2:00 PM on the OurHudson Barge which will be berthed at Waryas Park at the foot of Main Street in Poughkeepsie.  The 80 minute film was produced by the Mid-Hudson Rowing Association with the help of a grant from the Hudson River Improvement Fund.  This fund is administered by the Hudson River Foundation which is co-sponsoring the OurHudson Barge Tour along with other organizations.

Saturday morning Marist College will host the third annual reenactment of the historic Intercollegiate Rowing Association Poughkeepsie Regatta.  This regatta at Poughkeepsie was the de facto collegiate championship regatta from 1895 until 1949 and is featured in the documentary film. It is run on a 4 mile course from south of Roger's Point to under the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Good viewing areas for the regatta can be found at Marist College (which has a public park just north of their two boathouses), Waryas Park and on the Walkway Over the Hudson, the former Poughkeepsie Railway Bridge.

Please feel free to share this information with any members of the Wappingers Crew Club who may be interested. Poughkeepsie will once again be focused on rowing this Saturday and it should be exciting.

More information on the OurHudson Barge Tour can be found by visiting www.ourhudson.org/barge-tour-schedule/ .

See you at the movies!


William Washburn
Mid-Hudson Rowing