Walnut Country Eagle Rays : Welcome

Walnut Country Eagle Rays Swimming

“Take your swimming to a higher level”

Walnut Country Swim Team Head Coach Adrian Lohse developed and leads Eagle Rays swim programs as a supplement to summer recreational swimming. The fall and spring programs are intended to offer summer recreational swimmers of all abilities a chance to improve within the sport while maintaining summer eligibility. This is not a separate year round swim team. Coach Adrian's patient and detail-oriented approach has been developed over his 37 years of swim experience, and ensures that every swimmer is important and improves. Please review these important COUNTY MEET ELIGIBILITY changes as of the 2017 season.  




  Fall Program 

  Please check back in the summer. Information on the 2018 Fall Program is expected to be posted by July


Spring Program

Please check back in the winter. Information on the 2019 Spring Clinic is expected to be posted by December 



Please direct any questions to coachadrianswim@gmail.com


Thank You!