Roswell Area Girls Youth Lacrosse: Welcome

Wednesday, February 22
Roswell Area Girls Youth Lacrosse

This website is dedicated to all the female lacrosse players in the vicinity of Roswell Georgia. Georgia and Roswell in particular, were the originators of 'southern' lacrosse. Today, Georgia and many surrounding states have seen this great sport take leaps and bounds in advancement.

To that end, this site looks to further that cause by fostering the sport in as many ways possible.  It intends to foster lacrosse by partnering with many of the area's facilities, sponsors and community families. The goal is teach, develop and continue to grow the Girls lacrosse youth movement that originated here.

Our teams are US Lacrosse ( sanctioned requiring all its participants to register with US Lacrosse. All the participating players are required to honor its rules, guidelines, and mantra.

Latest News:  Online registration will be opening soon. Please stay tuned for upcoming info....