Wallenpaupack Jr Buckhorns: Welcome

Your source for all Jr Buckhorn Information for the 2014 Season!

Welcome to the 2014 Jr Bucks Football & Cheerleading Season

The Honesdale game has been rescheduled for Monday, September 29th, at Honesdale.
Football Players to wear Purple Jerseys

I & C report to the field 4:30p.  Games start at 5p.
B Team  to report to the field at 5p.  Game starts at 6p



AWAY Game versus the Wayne Highlands Stinger

Football Players wear Purple jersey

Report Times as Follows:
I Team Football                     4:30
C Team Football                      4:30 

B Football                               5:00


Follow RT 6 West to Honesdale, go straight through light at Main Street across RR Tracks and make right. Go up and around left up Terrace ST. to High School at top of hill. Keep going past school you will cross under foot bridge the football field is now on your left. Make the next right on to Lakeside DR. Make the next right into parking lot and walk over foot bridge to enter football field.

  Remaining Game Schedule
9/29/14: Away at Honesdale  ** Mon. Game **
10/4/14:  Away vs Delaware Valley Mustangs  ** Sat. Game **

10/11/14: I Team All-Star Game ** Sat. Game **

10/12/14:  1st Round of Playoffs.  Locations TBA 
10/19/14: 2nd Round of Playoffs Locations TBA
10/26/14: 3rd Round of Playoffs.  Locations TBA
11/2/14:  SUPERBOWL Location TBA



Concession Help is needed.  Food Donations are also needed - baked items, hot food items.  Please coordinate food donations and a time to voluteer with your Team Mom or Elizabeth  June.  The busiest time is between 12:30 - 2:00.  As a reminder it is a requirement of the organization to volunteer for at least one home game.  We don't expect you to volunteer when your child is playing or cheering.  You can volunteer before or after their game.  

Soda & Gatorade donations are due. There are only 2 home games remaining for the season. Donation of soda or Gatorade is a requirement of the organization as well.  Please coordinate with the Lisa Smith or Elizabeth June so you receive credit for the donation.  

If you have any questions, please call or email Lisa Smith 
Lisa.Perry.Smith@gmail.com    570-499-3560

mages may be scheduled throughout the season.  Parents and players will be notified once the event is finalized.  We will do our best to give as much advance notice as possible.