Washington District 11 Little League Baseball & Softball: District 11 Umpire

Welcome to the District 11 Umpire information page
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     I would like to personally welcome you.  On this page you will find useful information to become a successful Umpire.  So please read, use and share the information.


District 11 Umpire Basics Manual

I would like to welcome back all the returning District 11 Umpires and welcome the new ones.  With the 2015 Little League season fast approaching, it is time to dust off your equipment and get ready for the season.  The enclosed handout will help with that.  I encourage ALL Umpires to read it, and use the information it provides.  I look forward to seeing you all on the field.

Handout: D11 Umpire Manual

3 Man Crew Training
The enclosed handouts will help better train you to do 3 Man Crews on both the 60' and 90' diamonds.
Handout: 3 Man Crews