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Valley of the Moon Little League Meeting Minutes April 5, 2011Meeting Called to Order: 8:10 p.m.Board and League Members Present: Jay Gruendle/Reds, Larry Arrington/Blue Jays, Anna Norrbom, Jodie Taylor, Jolie Rozema, Ryan O’Donnell/Rangers, Johnny Armitage/Cardinals/ Mets, Jim Vides/Pirates, Zack Schoeningh/Mets, Dave Anken/Falcons, Ron Lennon/Mustangs, Rich Nunez/Cubs, Marcus Trotta/Phillies, Jessie Borgnis/Giants.  Team representatives absent:  A’s, Royals. Officer Reports:

Vice President-Larry:  As of tomorrow all combo locks will have the new combination.  The equipment box is the only one different because few people allowed access.

Treasurer-Jodie:  Balance is $8945.  There are still a few snack bar deposits outstanding. A few donations came in for Terry Meyers memorandum.  Shipping refund on uniforms came in.

Coaching Coordinator-Ryan:  Stealing rules.  When can a runner advance?  Umpires don’t seem consistent. Refer to rule #713.  There are about 16 examples. Straight stealing not good practice, especially in AA.  Our league managers all agree to no straight stealing.  Suggested managers talk to coaches from SVLL before a game to determine their idea on stealing so everyone on same page during game.  Perpetual line up-keep in AA.  We will change in AAA because more competitive games.  Majors do not have perpetual line up so this will prepare the kids moving up to majors.  All players in minors still play all games.

Information Officer-Johnny:  Coaches are turning in pitch counts on time. AAA scores and pitch counts on website.

Safety Officer-Jim :  Has safety manuals here.  All managers pick up tonight.  Sign pg.44 and return.

Bank of Marin donated ice packs.  Any injuries, no matter how small, need to be reported. Anything requiring an ice pack.

Equipment Manager-Zack:  New balls are kept in umpire box behind home plate.  Need to order line-up sheets-Jay will order.  Will keep a bucket in umpire shed for lost balls that are found in field and are still good. This will save a little money in the long run.

Field Maintenance-Dave:  VOMLL home  and visitor teams responsible for clean up/field after games.  Golf cart is at Paul’s-don’t run over home plate/spikes.  To turn on/off scoreboard, there is a switch in a box underneath.

 Managers-make sure your parents pick up their garbage after games! 

Chalk in chalk cart-use ½ a bag for whole field.  Don’t do inside of bat box.

Managers, when you leave lock up all gates, except snack bar gate if people in there.  Check in with them before you leave to see if they need anything so no one is left in dark alone.

Fundraising: Per Jay-keep selling chocolates.  This is an important fundraiser for league.  Any money we get is much needed.

Sunni and Jodie –special thanks for setting up the snack bar!




Rescheduling of games:  Majors, 5 make-up games.  Still need to verify with Sonoma Valley.

4-16 SV Redsox vs. Mustangs-Double header @ Hughes Field. Time: 2 and 4:45.

4-23 Falcons vs. SV Bears-Double header @ Paul’s.  Time:  2:30 and 5:15

4-23 Mustangs vs. SV Angels-Double header. Time:  9 and 11:45.

4-28 SV Tigers vs. Blue Jays-Hughes Field.  Time:  5:30

5/10 Cardinals vs. Blue Jays-Paul’s field. Time:  5:30

Jay will e-mail times when verified, post on website.

Still working on AA and AAA.  Everyone check schedule- rookie, minor games scheduled at Paul’s may be moved down to Maxwell if on same day as major make-up games.


Pancake Breakfast/Hit-a-thon May 7:  Going to combine this event instead of a movie night this year.  The breakfast will start at 8 a.m. Hit-a-thon will take about 2 hours.  Plan to finish by 10:30.  ALL games scheduled on this day will have their times changed to later in day. Times will be determined and info sent to managers. Larry will make up sponsor sheets and e-mail managers and Johnny to post on website.


Approved bats list-Check little league website link:  There is a comprehensive list for minors/majors players, recently updated-March 22. If bat has a composite barrel-tell player to leave at home.  All Managers it is your responsibility to check list and make sure all players bats are approved. Will put a message or a link on our website so people can check.

 Meeting Adjourned: 9:30 p.m.Next Board Meeting will be Tuesday, May 3 2011 at 8:00 p.m. Round Table Pizza

Board Minutes May 2011