Volleywood Volleyball CLub: Information

Monday, November 18

Mission Statement


Volleywood Volleyball Club LLC's (VVC) mission is to promote fairness, good sportsmanship and a learning environment for all athletes. It is the clubs responsibility to promote the sport of volleyball and provide good training and development for our young athletes. We are committed to providing our athletes with the best possible opportunities to develop and improve their playing standards through high quality practices and competitions.   

General Information      

VVC and USA Volleyball provide an opportunity for girls who want to increase their knowledge, understanding, and skill playing in the sport of volleyball. Each team will have 10 slots and two alternates.  Each team will have no more than 12 per team.  10 positions must be filled before alternate positions are offered. VVC will guarantee that the alternates participate in 2 tournaments.  The alternates may be asked to participate in other tournaments as absences occur.  Each team practices 2 times per week.  We understand that some of the girls play other sports for school. Sometimes life happens, vacations are planned, grandparents turn 80.  We understand this and are willing to work around hectic schedules. We would like to see that each athlete try and give at least an 80% commitment. 

Unlike other clubs who only play in about 5 tournaments our club participates in 8 to 10.  We believe that the more tournaments our athlete play in, increases the skill level and makes for better school season. We try to schedule tournaments as close to home as possible.  Most of our tournaments are in Ohio. There are a few tournaments near us in: Parkersburg, Beckley, and St. Albans.  We will try to get into those to help keep extra expenses down. Participating in many tournaments gains more experience and more playing time for each athlete.  




The OVR now requires that each girl must sign up with the OVR and pay a $62.00 membership fee It is a separate fee from the club fees.

It is required that each player must pre register through OVR to participate in any/all tryouts. There is a tryout fee $10. This will be good for multiple tryouts.  The fee is also part of the membership. Once you except an offer from the club of your choice, go back to OVR pick your club and pay $52. This process MUST be completed before a Member steps foot on a practice court.  


To preregister go to www.ovr.org. Click on Juniors. Then, you will scroll down and click on Webpoint: New Members and follow instructions. Choose Volleywood Volleyball Club LLC as your club choice.


Any other questions please contact:



Executive Director:       Pauline Dean