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Thursday, October 24
What to expect!

Volleywood Volleyball Club LLC

As you consider choosing the club that you would like to play travel volleyball for we ask that you and your child consider the following. We expect that each participant give the club 80% commitment.  We understand that our participants are busy and play in other sports for their schools.   Our coaches and staff also have very busy lives. Our commitment to you is to provide you with a successful club and season. We will hold two practices per week. We will provide you the opportunity to participate in 8 to 9 tournaments including Regional's.

Club will hold tryouts on the following date: November 17, 2013, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. 

Location: Horace Mann Middle School: 4300 MacCorkle Ave. Charleston, WV 25304.


If in the event that the Numbers are too small for tryouts then the club participants will be recruited by the Club Director/Coach(s).

Each team will have 10 travel slots and 2 alternates. No more than 12 per team. This is to be determined by the Director and Coaches .

The club will guarantee that the alternates participate in a minimum of 2 two tournaments.  The alternates may be asked to participate in other tournaments as absences may occur.

Once the team is determined the director will send out an email with an offer of participation.  Once the email has been sent then the participant will either except or decline. Participant/guardian will have 10 days to make your decision.  If the club does not receive your response, than the club will choose to make an offer to the next participant on the waiting list. The club will not hold spots for participants.

Each participant will fill out a packet and give it to the Club Director/Coach before the first scheduled practice.

Each participant will be responsible to register for the club by visiting the OVR website and register with our club. The website is: www.ovr.org

The registration fees for OVR are:         $62.00

Volleywood Membership fees are:         $695.00

Alternates Membership fees are:            $350.00


Membership fees are due by the following dates:

                                                      Participants             Alternates

November 29, 2013                         $100.00                 $100.00

December  9, 2012                           $250.00                 $100.00

January 21,  2013                              $200.00                $100.00

February  10, 2013                           $145.00                 $50.00

Payments must be current! Players will not be permitted to participate in practice and tournament play until payments are up to date.


All Checks payable to Volleywood Volleyball Club LLC and mailed to:


Volleywood Volleyball Club LLC

4 Muirfield Court

Charleston, WV 25304