Falcon High School Volleyball: Welcome

Monday, May 18
Falcon HS Volleyball

If you're interested in the Falcon HS vollebyall progam pleaes contact Coach Cindy Compoc or the Athletic Director, Mr Randy Hinson for info

cindy.compoc@yahoo.com or thinson@d49.org 


Open Gyms:

June (Mon/Wed 1830-2030) & July (Mon/Thurs 1830-2030)

Weight Room:

8 Jun - 18 Jul (M/Tu/W/Th 0800-1000)

*recommended workouts posted in handouts

*conditioning workouts posted in handouts

UCCS Team Camp:

8-10 Jul (0930-1200)

*registration form posted in handouts 

FCA Leadership Seminar:

27 & 30 Jul (6:30p-8:30p)

Team Tryouts

17-19 Aug (time to be announced)