Vista National Little League: Home Run Club

Vista National Little League's
Home Run Hall of Fame

Here is a registry of players that have hit the ball out of the park!

2015 Spring Season


3/7  - William Saunders (Reds) vs. VA White Sox -Vista National Majors Field

3/7  - Eli Sanders (Cubs) vs. VA Angels -Vista American Field #1

3/14 - Aslan Pagakis (Cubs) vs. VA A's  -Vista National Majors Field

4/7   - Ian Hawkins (Cubs) vs. VN Reds  -Vista National Majors Field

4/14  - Eddie Nelson (Phillies)  vs. VN Cubs -Vista National Majors Field 

4/16  - William Saunders (Reds) vs. VN Cubs - Vista National Majors Field 



3/14 - Gabriel Nunez (Marlins) vs. RBV Royals - RBV Field #2

3/20 - Phillip Harrah (Marlins) vs. VN Brewers - Vista National Field #2

4/16 - Gabriel Nunez (Marlins) vs. RBV Royals - Vista National Field #2 




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