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Early Bird Signups Rescheduled
Take Advantage of the Savings!

In consideration of the Lilac Fire evacuations, we've rescheduled our last early bird signups for the 2018 Spring Season for Saturday, December 16, at the Vista Sports Park from 9am-1pm.

Please bring your child's birth certificate and two documents showing your home address within the Vista American Little League boundaries. If your child attends a school within VALL boundaries, you can also apply for a waiver.

If you're not sure if you fall within VALL boundaries, please use the League Finder here:

French Field Christmas Wishlist
  • 220 feet of 6-foot fencing
  • 33 8-foot posts
  • 70 bags of 60lb concrete
  • 5 ADA/California compliant, truncated domes - Tactile rigid paving tiles - surface applied - 2' x 3'

If you'd like to donate these items, or donate money to purchase these items, please contact Chris Kelsey, VP VALL Baseball.

VALL Needs You!

Please donate to the French Field Restoration Fund!

We've come a long way but we still need your help!

French Field Restoration Fund

French Field Info Page

What You Need to Know About the
2018 USA Baseball Bat Rule Changes
2018 USA Baseball Bat Standards

First, why the change? Is this just a gimmick by Little League to get us all to buy new bats? In short, no. The purpose of the change is to return bat performance to be more like that of a wooden bat. The new rule applies to Little League, Pony Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball, AABC, and Dixie Baseball beginning January 1, 2018. Bats marked with the older 1.15BPF stamp, will no longer be legal for play in 2018.

These guys do a humorous and pretty good job of explaining it:

So, which bats are approved for use in the upcoming Spring season? When buying a new bat, be sure it has the USA Baseball logo. You're going to see a lot of sporting goods stores trying to blow out their old bats with great deals. Please don't buy these. They won't be allowed for use in games or practice. Will there be a grace period where older bats will be allowed? Unfortunately, no.

Want to learn more? Here's the official Little League position with some FAQs.

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