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Monday, May 25
Welcome to Visions Track Club and Field Club


History of Visions Track and Field Club

Visions Track Club is a non- profit (501-C) organization established in 1994 for athletic development of youth girls ages 13 to 18. The original founders of Visions Track Club were John and Charlie Rickett, Deborah Broussard, Phyllis Shilo, Anthony Kinion, Sharon Richison and head coach Walter Walls. The original Vision Track Club members received athletic scholarships to various Universities. A USATF National Record in the Intermediate Girls 4 x 100 relay was set in 1996 by the original team members with a time of 45.57.

In 1998 Visions Track Club was taken over by Tyrone Cross and Sonya Scott (now Sonya Mccann). Since our inception, we have diversified our team with the inclusion of youth boys ages 6 to 18.  Visions Track Club continues to carry the legacy of the original team members with the profound number of National Champions and Records currently held.   

Currently, Visions Track Club is under the direction of Tyrone and Troy Cross. Two brothers with the same mission of nurturing and developing athletes to their highest potential.


Visions Track Club has earned local and national notoriety and has an established reputation for producing stellar amateur athletes.

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