Virginia Baseball Tournaments: Welcome

9 pm Thursday: due to the forecast of rain Saturday morning,  first games will be played Saturday afternoon, beginning at 2 pm. Teams will play 1 game on Saturday and then move into bracket play on Sunday. All teams will get 3 games.  Champions will be crowned on Sunday! New schedule for Saturday will be posted by 5 pm Friday. 


Weather update tonight (Thursday 9 pm).  The schedule is going to remain as it is, but we may have to adjust Saturday's schedule where everyone plays 1 game on Saturday and then 2 games on Sunday.  


Because of the rain that has just not stopped during September, we've added a new event for October 27-28, 2018:  Virginia Baseball Tournaments - Championships!  Cost for the 3-game guarantee will be $550.  Champions crowned in 18U, 16U, and 15U!  Games played at Prince George High School (Prince George, VA) & Golubic Stadium (Crewe, Virginia!) 

NOTE TO PARENTS/PLAYERS ATTENDING THE COMBINE:  Combine information is posted under "handouts" - download the stats' information.

We are a proud sponsor of USSSA baseball tournaments! We have been associated with USSSA baseball for the past 20 years. Our goal has always been to bring highly competitive baseball at an affordable cost to the heart of Virginia. Part of our mission is to motivate and encourage players to pursue a higher education by observing and visiting college campuses around the state of Virginia through our College Series Tournaments. These tournaments allow players to play on a college or university fields, as well as visit the campus and its surrounding areas.

Peninsula Pilots: The Peninsula Pilots are a summer collegiate baseball team in the Coastal Plain League from Hampton, Virginia. Pilots get to play in the historic War Memorial Stadium, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018. Athletes from around the country come to show off their skills and keep them sharp during their college offseason. For the past 11 seasons the team has been led by head coach Hank Morgan, who has been with the Pilots organization for over 17 years. Many players who come through the Pilots organization get called up to the Major leagues. Take first baseman for the Washington Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman for example, who played with the Pilots during their best recorded season to date and won their first division title. College freshmen, sophomores and juniors come from schools at all levels. Division I, II, and III come together to play summer ball with hopes of being seen by a scout that would eventually want to draft them to their major league organization.

Previous schools in attendance at 2017 & 2018 Combines: Old Dominion University, High Point University,  James Madison University, University of Virginia, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University, Norfolk State University, Longwood University, William & Mary, Liberty University, Ferrum College, Averett University, Newport News Apprentice School, Virginia State University, Bridgewater College, Marymount University, Patrick Henry Community College, Paul D. Camp Community College, Stratford University, University of Charleston, Eastern Mennonite University, King College, Wake Tech Community College, Virginia Wesleyan College, Christopher Newport University, North Carolina Central University, Bryant and Stratton Community College, and Roanoke College.     

Parents/Players Accessing Combine Information: After the event is over, please go to the website. On the left hand side, click on Handouts and then click on the correct “Combine Results”.

Combine Tests: 1. Infield arm velocity 2. Outfield arm velocity 3. Catcher’s arm velocity 4. Catchers pop time 5. 60 yard dash 6. Vertical jump 7. Ball exit speed 8. On field BP

Any questions? Contact us at

2018 Fall Schedule: 

  • August 11-12 - Randolph Macon College Showcase. $750. 3-game guarantee (16U and 17U/18U)
  • September 1-2 Kevin Ferguson Memorial Tournament - $400. 3-games. Winner crowned in ages 9U - 18U
  • September 8-9 -Battle of the Bay $700. 3-game tournament. Champion will be Crowned! (games will be held at Virginia Wesleyan, War Memorial, and other area fields in Hampton VA) (15U, 16U, and 17U/18U)
  • September 15-16 - Ferrum College (3-games $700).  All games will be played at Ferrum College! 
  • September 15-16 - Longwood University and Golubic Stadium ($750--3 games)
  • September 22-23 - Eastern Mennonite University, Bridgewater College, Buck Bowman Showcase. 3-games $750 cost.
  • September 28-30 -Peninsula Pilots & Virginia Baseball Tourneys Combine/Showcase. $895. 3-game showcase. (games will be held at War Memorial, and other area fields in Hampton VA) See information below! (15U, 16U, and 17U/18U)
  • October 6-7 - Averett University $700 (3 game guarantee).  (15U-18U)
  • October 6-7 - USSSA State Championship - Even aged groups (10U, 12U, 14U= $425; 16U and 18U=$499)- 3 game guarantee (Prince George, VA area)
  • October 13-14 - VMI - 3 game guarantee $750. (16U-18U)
  • October 13-14 - USSSA State Championship - Odd aged groups (9U, 11U, 13U=$425; 15U and 17U=$499) - 3 game guarantee (Prince George, VA area)
  • October 20-21 - War Memorial Fall-Wood Bat Tournament - 3 game guarantee $700. Winner for each age group (15U, 16U, and 18U) (Prince George, VA area) 
Atlantic Shores Christian School is hosting a  College Coaches Combine.  Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 9 am.  $60 per player.   Ten College Coaches will be in attendance. The address of the school is 1217 Centreville Turnpike North, Chesapeake, VA.  For more information, please contact Phil Kojack at 757-553-6526

We want to thank the following universities/colleges that have attended our Pilots-Virginia Baseball Tournaments Combines.  You guys were awesome and we truly appreciate you coming to our events!

  • University of Virginia
  • Virginia Military Institute
  • Ferrum College
  • Averett University
  • Virginia State University
  • Norfolk State University
  • Patrick Henry Community College
  • Stratford University
  • Paul D Camp Community College
  • University of Charleston
  • King College
  • Wake Tech Community College
  • Virginia Wesleyan 
  • Christopher Newport University
  • North Carolina Central 
  • Old Dominion University
  • High Point University
  • James Madison University
  • Longwood University
  • William and Mary College
  • Liberty University
  • Newport News Apprentice School
  • Bridgewater College
  • Marymount University
  • Eastern Mennonite University
  • Bryant and Stratton Community College
  • Roanoke College

Combine/Showcase Information - PLEASE READ!!!! The Peninsula Pilots and Virginia Baseball Tournaments are teaming up to have four exciting college/pro scouting events for the 2018 season. There will be a many colleges represented at each event of all levels (D1, D3, JUCO). Players will have the opportunity to participate in a baseball combine with college coaches in attendance. The combine will feature many skill tests including offensive and defensive rotations. Players participating in the combine will receive feedback scores to let them know how they “stack up” with their peers. Combine participates will have the opportunity for a question and answer session with College Coaches and current Peninsula Pilot players about the recruiting process/the college baseball experience/the summer collegiate baseball experience. As you can see, it will be a great opportunity for your players/parents to get the information they need. College Coaches will also be stationed at the various venues with teams having the opportunity to play games at each venue.  Here is a list of some of the colleges attending:  Wake Tech CC, Bryant and Stratton CC, Paul D Camp CC, Patrick Henry CC, Virginia Wesleyan University, Christopher Newport, Averett College, University of Charleston, King, Virginia State, Norfolk State, and North Carolina Central.  

We held our first Combine/Showcase in the fall of 2017. The following colleges scouted the event: VMI, JMU, ODU, High Point, Longwood University, Norfolk State University, William & Mary, Liberty University, Ferrum College, Averett University, Marymount University, Bridgewater College, Christopher Newport University, Newport News Apprentice School, Virginia Wesleyan, Thomas Nelson Community College, Stratford University, Paul D. Camp Community College, Bryant and Stratton College. The following major league clubs had scouts in attendance: Braves, Pirates, Cubs. The Peninsula Pilots (Coastal Plains Summer Collegiate League) also had coaches in attendance looking for future Pilot players. We look to add to this list.

Coaches - please remember to have copies of your roster available for our College events.  All of our tournaments have multiple coaches on hand at the fields and they would like to have the ability to contact any players that catch their interest directly!  Please include such information as the obvious (position, height/weight, grade, High School, position(s), email and cell phone.  Also, make sure that your players understand THEY need to check their email often (not the parent's email or cell phone).  Any questions about the format?  Just email Anne at and we can help you complete this.   

 New address for Virginia Baseball Tourneys:

Virginia Baseball Tourneys 
PO Box 32
Nottoway, VA  23955 

Schedules for the upcoming events are posted under the tab "College Series Weekend Schedules". Addresses for each site are listed under "Playing Site Addresses". Also, 5 game balls are given to at the beginning of each game; please help "chase" balls during your game because after that, teams are responsible for putting in suitable baseballs.  Teams are responsible for checking the website BEFORE all games to insure location, time, etc. have NOT changed!  

Virginia Baseball Tourneys is looking forward to another great season of competitive baseball on college and high school fields throughout the state of Virginia at an affordable price!  Many of our events sell out so please make sure that you get your payment in quickly to ensure that you have a spot!   

5 game balls are given at the beginning of each game - teams are reminded to help retrieve foul balls during each of the games (after that, each team will need to provide suitable game balls).   


 Remember, all teams MUST be registered with USSSA for the 2018 season before they are permitted to play!  August 1 starts the "new" year! 

Important Rules information for College Series tournaments for 14U teams:  all teams participating in the College Series events will be using BBCor approved bats for play.

 We are a proud sponsor of USSSA baseball tournaments!  We have been associated with USSSA baseball for the past 20 years.Our goal has always been to bring highly competitive baseball at an affordable cost to the heart of Virginia.  Part of our mission is to motivate and encourage players to pursue a higher education by observing and visiting college campuses around the state of Virginia through our College Series Tournaments.  These tournaments allow players to play on a college or university field, as well as visit the campus and its surrounding areas. 

Our spring tournaments, "The Quest for the Best" and "St. Patrick's Day" have been mainstays of the tournament scene for the past 20 years.  These tournaments continue to show some of the best baseball being played in the heart of Virginia.