Vipers of PA Fastpitch: Program Overview

Monday, July 5

Congratulations to our 14U Vipers for qualifying for Nationals in Orlando, Florida!  Hard work paid off as these ladies qualified by their third tournament this season.  The team plans on working even more over the coming weeks to get ready for State and National championship games...good luck!!! 

"Make it worth it."

Thursday, July 15
Vipers Fastpitch Program Overview

This year's team competed as a "B" level travel team.  We played in tournaments in Quakertown, Bath, and Lansdale, PA, in addition to two tournaments in Maryland.  We won 3rd place in the State Championships in Souderton, PA in mid July, and will be traveling to Florida in late July to compete in Nationals!

Our tryouts/evaluations are held mid-to-late August, with practices beginning in early September.  Our practices are generally held at Stetson Middle School.

The players, coaching staff, and board of the VIPERS Fastpitch of PA Softball Team, would like to welcome you to our Web site.

We formed the VIPERS Fastpitch in the fall of 1995 as a 12U travel team. The team had three extremely successful years, both on and off the field. At the conclusion of the third year the team folded. After a short hiatus, Coaches Corcoran, Wineland and Scott reformed the team. To ensure effective communication and accountability for all concerned, we created this outline, formalized the Association Bylaws and make them available for every family to review. Our experience has proven to us that the rewards are well worth the investment we have made.

For anyone who is new to competitive softball, understanding that there is a commitment required by both parents and the player is important. This commitment involves time, money, and effort.

The mission of the VIPERS Fastpitch is to provide a competitive fast pitch softball program for young women in the Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey areas. We will carry approximately 14 individuals on each team roster to allow maximum playing time for each player. Although this has never happened, the manager and coaches may increase the roster size if they believe this to be in the best interests of the Vipers.

The coaching staff of VIPERS U14 consists of Willi J Corcoran, Don Wineland, Pat Scott, and Andy Fouracre.   Willi J Corcoran has been a high school coach, middle school and little league coach.  He has been coaching on the travel level for 13 years.  Don Wineland has coached at the travel level for 13 years as well.  Pat Scott has been an assistant coach with the VIPERS with the program since we reformed the team five years ago. Andy Fouracre joined the coaching staff in 2009.  He has been coaching for the past 7 years and has been the Rec Director for West Chester Wildfire for the past 3 years.

All of our coaches have had official police background checks run. They enjoy working with their players, teaching them the important aspects of the game; a sense of fair play, the skill of the sport, and how to have fun competing.

Tournament softball is competitive, not recreational, softball. The coaching staff is committed to balancing competitiveness and maintaining a positive experience for all players. Although we will always play to win, it is not a win at all cost mentality. All players must understand that, unlike recreation softball, the manager does not guarantee minimum playing times.

The VIPERS Fastpitch Association is a competitive travel team. As such, we will "travel" to where the competition is. It is our intent to schedule between six and seven tournaments each season. The coaches will also schedule other weekend games. We expect that no more than three tournaments will require an overnight stay during the season. These overnighters are family oriented outings. As such, the entire family is encouraged to travel with the team and attend the tournaments and games.

We practice as a team and we play as a team. Therefore, we expect that all players will attend as many games and practices as possible. The softball season runs from September 1 to late July early August of the following year.  Because of the time commitment and other obligations, we understand that some young women probably cannot attend all the games and practices. To help in planning, practice schedules and game dates will be provided as far in advance as possible. We ask that each player do the best they can to attend as many practices and games as possible.

VIPERS Fastpitch is a volunteer organization run by volunteers. It is a family oriented organization that relies on the support of the parents and families to run smoothly. If your daughter is selected to become a member of VIPERS Fastpitch, you may help the organization by car pooling, serving as a member of the board, chaperoning, fund raising or helping with any number of other "not too stressful tasks."

We believe that having an understanding of the expectations of all of the parties is important for everyone involved: players, parents, coaches, and board members. For that reason we have prepared this outline and a set of bylaws. For VIPERS Fastpitch to continue to be successful, your voice at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place is encouraged. Parent and player suggestions and ideas are important to the board, the team, and to each player.

PLAYING POSITIONS                  
The coaching staff will make all player assignments based on the needs of the team. All players will "earn their position."

Player and team performance will improve only with practice. Field time is difficult to schedule, which makes attending practice more important. If selected to play for the VIPERS Fastpitch please ensure your daughter attends as many practices as possible. The coaching staff suggests you try to arrive 10 minutes ahead of the practice time. Typical practice schedules are as follows:

TIME COMMITTMENT                  
Jan - Mar
Twice a week, indoors. Pitchers and catchers will workout at a minimum an additional evening. Additional individual batting cage practice is recommended.

According to the high school schedule. U14s will begin their tournament play during this time.   

May - July
Twice per week, depending upon games and tournament schedules.

Upon return from Nationals well deserved time off. Generally, no practice.

Sept - Nov
Once per week, depending upon scrimmage and tournament schedules. One or two 'Fall Ball' tournaments will be played during September and October.

*100% effort always (including practice).
*Exhibit a high standard of discipline, both in the dugout and on the field.
*Attend as many practices as possible understanding that your education, your family, and your church are a top priority and must always come first.
*Players will display good sportsmanship at all times.
*Players and their families understand that they must try to make VIPERS Fastpitch activities a priority.
*Players and their families must understand and agree to the financial and time commitments involved in the program.
*We expect that players will always conduct themselves in a way that their parents would be proud. Discipline and good fair play are hallmarks of the VIPERS Fastpitch team.
*The coaching staff is available at all times (except during games and tournaments) to any team member to listen to any comments, concerns, or suggestions or answer any questions the team member has.
*The coaches have made a substantial commitment to every player and the team. If parents have issues or concerns, these are to be discussed only with the Parent Representative. The Parent Representative will report appropriate matters to the Manager, Coaches, or President.

 *Tournament rules allow only the coaching staff in the playing area during games. This includes the players' bench.

*Coaching from the stands is prohibited because it causes player confusion and will result in poor play. Positive encouragement is always welcome. Any negative comments may cause the spectator to be asked to leave the playing field.

*No profanity or alcohol allowed at any practice, game, or tournament.

*During games and tournaments we ask that you permit the coaches to concentrate exclusively on the task at hand, coaching.

*If any parent has a question or wants to voice a concern, they are to contact the Parent Representative.

*This is a family oriented team and we expect that parents will participate and become actively involved in the program as needed.

*Parents are encouraged to attend as many practices as they wish.

*Parents should attend as many games as practical.

*The coaching staff and team are responsible for the conduct of spectators. Please conduct yourself in a manner in which your daughter would be proud. 
*The team will be led by a certified coach.
*Each coach will do whatever possible to assist every team member to improve their playing skills and abilities.
*The coaching staff will lead by example. Their conduct will be professional and above reproach at all times; displaying good sportsmanship and fair play.
*The coaching staff will make the ultimate decisions regarding positions and playing time.               


*While any player is participating in any VIPERS Fastpitch sanctioned event including practices, games, tournaments, fund raisers, etc., the team has purchased a supplementary insurance plan that covers her. This coverage is a secondary coverage. This means, if any other health plan covers a player, this team plan begins coverage after the players' "primary plan".

*Uniform jerseys are the property of
*Fund raising is the only way the VIPERS can afford to pay for itself. Without fund raising, the team will cease to exist. As a member of the VIPERS, we will expect that you participate in fund raising activities.
*A copy of the VIPERS budget and expenses are available to any player or parent anytime so you will know how your dues and other funds raised are being spent.
*Before anyone who has been selected may play for the VIPERS, we will require that you provide 1)Two copies of her Birth Certificate, 2)A completed Player Data Sheet,3)A Medical Release Form, and 4)A Parent/Player MOU.