Miamisburg Vikings: College Assistance


College Coaches please contact Coach Matt Sundermann for any Varsity Player information.

Interested in Playing College Ball?

This page is provided as a guide to help you be more organized in preparing to play at the next level.  This information is based on a great deal of research to assist athletes in the most effective ways possible.  If you want to play college ball, we want to help you do it. 

Opportunities to play exist for you, whether it be Division I, II, III or NAIA.  The ability to continuing playing this beautiful game can be yours, but you must be willing to work hard.

So You Want to be Recruited?

Many of you may think that you don't have what it takes to play college soccer.  DO NOT FALL INTO THIS MINDSET!  There are numerous opportunities to play college soccer.  The MHS coaching staff WILL help you through the process and try to aid you every step of the way. DO NOT WAIT until it's too late.  Ideally you should start the process your Sophomore year, with your Junior year being the biggest bulk of work in this process, but if you haven't started....then start now.

Also, listed below are links that will help you become educated about the process.  We encourage any of you interested to take some time WITH your parents to go through all these links or print them off so you can read them later. It seems like a long process, and it is, but with some work you can learn how to market and package yourself and we can get started.  Anyone interested in playing at the next level should contact Coach Matt to discuss your options.  Email him for questions or to set up a meeting ( ).
You can do this!


  • Work on improving you GPA.

  • Work hard during you high school soccer season, talk with your coach, and find out what you need to work on to play better next season.

  • Student/Parent meeting with school counselor to set academic plan for next four years.

  • Participate on a good club soccer team.

  • Have your club team go to top quality tournaments.


  • Sign up for PSAT's to gain experience for SAT's.

  • Student/Parent meeting with school counselor to review progress.

  • STUDY, STUDY, STUDY and continue working improving you GPA.

  • Continue with a good club team.

  • Attend all College Nights at high school and gather information on potential schools.

  • Begin to identify 7-10 college programs.

  • Meet with high school and club coach to evaluate your soccer development.

  • Obtain current Guide for the College Bound Athlete from NCAA.

  • Begin assembling a College Contact List.


  • Student/Parent meeting with school counselor to review progress.  Review with counselor taking Advanced Placement or Honors classes.

  • Check with school counselor for SAT & ACT registration deadlines.  Take SAT & ACT tests.

  • Review with school counselor for re-test schedule.  Take SAT & ACT tests again.

  • Research and gather financial aid information from school counselor.

  • Develop you preferred college list.  Complete two (2) admissions applications for practice only.

  • Get Letters of Recommendation/References.

  • Continue with a good club team.

  • Begin writing to college coaches with a schedule of club games and the tournaments you are attending.

  • Arrange for spring/summer visits for preferred colleges.

  • Attend college soccer games, Division I, II, and III if possible.

  • Organize your student-athlete portfolio.

  • Register with NCAA National Clearinghouse at end of second semester.  See school counselor for Student Release Form.


  • College coaches can make contact after July 1 between your Junior & Senior year.

  • Finalize application essay topics and solicit review by school counselor or English teacher.

  • Student/Parent meeting with school counselor.  Schedule AP or Honors examinations given in May.

  • Update student-athlete resume portfolio.

  • Request referrals from teachers and coaches.

  • Arrange for official college visits & interviews.

  • Narrow list to five (5) schools for admissions applications.

  • Apply to at least three schools for possible admissions and inform your school counselor.

  • National Letter of Intent Signing in November.

  • January 1st file Financial Aid forms ASAP.  Required in order to receive a soccer scholarship.

  • Get tax records to prepare financial aid forms.

  • Review acceptances and offers - choose college you wish to attend.

  • Notify college you have chosen to attend and notify colleges accepted and not attending.


NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete