Miamisburg Vikings: Work Day Sign-Ups

Monday, February 8
MSA Academy Schedule

MSA Academy Schedule.

Arrive to Miamisburg Soccer Complex (Medlar Road) 6:00 for instructions.

Academy runs 6:30-8:00.

Be on time!  Be respectful!  And most of all...BE ENTHUSIASTIC!  You are working with younger players and have the ability to make a lasting impression.  Represent well! 

April 11 Adam Zech, Noah Welsh, Andrew Heron

April 12 Kyle Campbell, Andrew Gross, Jakob Whitacre

April 18 Jake Bussard, Adam Zech, Sean McCombs

April 19 Jakob Whitacre, Ben Sundermann

April 25 Jake Bussard, Ethan Murphy, Adam Zech

April 26 Kyle Campbell, Ethan Murphy, Andrew Gross

May 2 Adam Zech, Andrew Gross, Sean McCombs, Ryan Zech

May 3 Kyle Campbell, Andrew Gross, Ben Sundermann

May 9 Ryan Dehart, Ethan Evans, Adam Zech

May 10 Ryan Dehart, Ethan Evans, Kyle Campbell

May 16- Aaron Sundermann, Adam Zech, Kareem Ghumrawi, Ethan Schultz

May 17- Aaron Sundermann, Kyle Campbell, Kareem Ghumrawi, Ethan Schultz